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Daimler employees in Germany receive a corona bonus

The Daimler corporate headquarters in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim: The car manufacturer is now paying a corona bonus. Photo: Lichtgut / Max Kovalenko

The employees of the Stuttgart-based car manufacturer are now receiving a tax-free bonus. The company and the works council want to thank them for their commitment to the corona pandemic.

Stuttgart – The Stuttgart-based car company Daimler pays its employees in Germany a special payment of 1000 euros in December. The company announced on Tuesday that this tax-free corona bonus should be given to all employees covered by the collective agreement. According to Daimler, that is more than 160,000 people, including the team leaders. Part-time employees receive the amount corresponding to their working hours, trainees can expect 300 euros.

At the beginning of November, at the request of our newspaper, the car manufacturer said that it did not want to pay a premium. A spokeswoman explains that Daimler has now changed its mind: “The Corona bonus is a decision by the Board of Management to give employees one-time financial recognition in this special year with extraordinary framework conditions.”

Daimler thanks the Federal Government

The federal government allows companies in Germany to pay employees tax-free and social insurance-free contributions due to the special burdens. “We use this offer,” said the spokeswoman. Thank the federal government for making this possible. Up to the end of December, up to 1500 euros tax-free as a corona premium can be paid in all industries.

“Due to the Corona, 2020 was and is marked by special efforts for all of us,” said Wilfried Porth, Chief Human Resources Officer. During this challenging time, Daimler was able to “always rely on the willingness and flexibility of the workforce”.

Works council praises the commitment of the employees

The bonus is intended to alleviate the “economic and personal burdens” and recognize the “high level of commitment” of the employees, according to the announcement. General Works Council chief Michael Brecht praised the decision: “From wearing a mask to permanent home office. That is stressful, annoying and is working under difficult conditions – but it has to be, ”said Brecht.

The Corona bonus is intended to “thank all colleagues for their commitment”. They would have made a significant contribution to Daimler’s success, without which Daimler “would never have come out of the first wave of pandemics so well and successfully”. In the announcement, Daimler emphasizes that the ongoing measures “to streamline the group structure, to reduce personnel costs and to increase competitiveness” will be continued regardless of the payment of the bonus.

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In addition to Daimler, other companies in the southwest are making use of the opportunity to pay out a tax-free bonus. The fan manufacturer EBM-Papst from Mulfingen im Hohenlohekreis grants its employees the highest possible amount of 1500 euros. “With regard to Covid-19, we have come through the crisis well under the circumstances,” said a spokesman in early November when our newspaper asked.

The chainsaw manufacturer Stihl from Waiblingen pays its workforce 350 euros corona bonus because business is going particularly well due to the pandemic. The employees of the assembly and fastening specialist Würth from Künzelsau receive 400 euros. The Ditzingen-based machine tool manufacturer Trumpf pays service employees a bonus of 1,000 euros on foreign assignments.

The automotive supplier Bosch and the sports car manufacturer Porsche, on the other hand, did not plan such a bonus at the beginning of November – it will stay that way, the two companies now said on request.

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