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The crypto market has the (small) flaws of its (great) qualities: not a day goes by without the release of a new project, a new investment mechanism, a new and unprecedented method for using the insolent growth of Bitcoin and crypto assets in order to benefit from a wealth income booster.

In this colorful jungle, it is therefore difficult to make an informed choice to forge the ideal investment portfolio, except to literally spend your days there and risk missing the real nuggets with high potential.

Today, discover an innovative approach that will allow you to have in an instant the dynamism of crypto investing, the power of diversification, all calibrated to match all investor profiles, from the most prudent to the most adventurous! 3 very distinct offers, but a common goal: to collect Bitcoin every day.

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Investment packs: the innovation all crypto investors have been waiting for

In accordance with the popular saying “ too much choice kills choice “. And if the depth of this ancient philosophy escapes you, one has only to see into what an abyss of perplexity the newcomer to the crypto investing industry seems to fall to grasp its deeper meaning.

Indeed, if our crypto-financial ecosystem is bubbling with innovations and new projects, the counterpart of this dynamism is that it is increasingly difficult to make a relevant sorting between the genuine nuggets, and the vulgar slags.

This observation, the company Feel Mining has been doing this for a long time now. While the company has always taken great care to offer a range of crypto products and services, the result of an already drastic selection in order to retain only the best and most profitable, the stable of the French leader in the mining of Bitcoin and other crypto-monetary currencies is already particularly well developed.

To judge: in addition to bitcoin mining machines ASIC and offers from cloud mining, it is between nearly half a dozen offers of staking crypto and about fifteen projects masternodes that the user can make his choice. A sometimes difficult choice so many parameters can be taken into account. Should we focus on projects that offer maximum profitability? What are the oldest (and by extension the most solid) projects? Between relative security and attractive but uncertain profitability, what would be the best option? …

So many questions whose answer will only be found after long and sometimes complex research, research for which the beginner or the enlightened hobbyist might not feel sufficiently equipped. Let’s get on well: it is essential to do your own investigations, it is even an important marker of crypto culture, “Don’t believe, check”.

But for all that, difficult to leave aside and deprive oneself of the expertise of professionals in the sector, whose main activity has been for a long time every passing day to take the pulse of the market, to develop a sharp critical sense and by extension of acquire expertise that is inaccessible to the average investor.

However, over time the Feel Mining team realized that there was a strong demand for a particular crypto investment service. A service that would allow the subscriber to benefit at once a tailor-made composite offer, corresponding both to its performance aspirations, while being in line with its capacity risk exposure. A service, provided “turnkey”, but accompanied by a flexibility and a ergonomics optimal in accordance with the usual quality standards of the French platform.

A service, finally, as attractive for the crypto-investor looking for a balanced offer as for the newcomer who will immediately be in familiar territory and will only have to worry about counting his profits in BTC!

This is how Feel Mining today unveils an unprecedented offer in the field of crypto. And to be more precise, there are actually 3 very distinct offers that are revealed, calibrated to suit all profiles, from the most careful to the most adventurous: Crypto Investment Packs.


Operating rules of the Feel Mining Crypto Investment Pack

We will detail a little more in a moment, but the different investment packs operate on similar mechanics with the keystone of the search for diversification, simplicity and an profitability materialized by permanent and regular dividends... in bitcoins, paid approximately every 5 minutes on your Feel Mining scale!

  • Each pack consists of‘A variable number of projects staking and masternodes
  • Their subscription is made in an instant, dividends immediately begin to be paid
  • Your level of investment is finely configurable, making a powerful service accessible to as many people as possible
  • The offer is without engagement, allowing you to terminate free of charge at any time
Characteristics of Feel Mining crypto investment packs

Time for choices

Basically, Feel Mining’s ambition is to offer 3 main approaches to crypto investing, forged on distinct dynamics. There is something for everyone and your choice will be dictated primarily by your search for a service that truly meets your aspirations.

This new service is thus available in 3 packs: Discovery, Serenity and Challenger.

The Discovery pack

Tailored for new investors or those who prefer products perfectly balanced between performance and stability, the Discovery Pack is accessible from 2000 euros investment.

Feel Mining discovery pack

Composed of staking and masternode projects selected for their stability, the Discovery pack is perfectly suited to the investor who wants to win on all fronts.

As with the other packs, the Feel Mining dashboard offers you a retrospective of the performance of the pack over the last 12 months for 1000 euros invested. Note in passing that past performances never bode well for future ones. So take this indication only for what it is: one piece of information to guide your choice.

The Serenity Pack

Available from 1500 euros, the Serenity pack is aimed at those who value quality sleep above all. Made of old projects known for their solidity, Serenity is the most peaceful thing in the tumultuous environment of crypto investing. Serenity is characterized by projects with high liquidity, guaranteeing their sustainability.

Feel Mining Serenity Pack

Challenger Pack

If for you investment rhymes with dynamism, the Challenger Pack opens its arms to you. Comprised of a selection of projects that offset lower liquidity with strong performance, this is clearly the most committed pack. If the market continues in the direction that it seems to want to be at the end of 2020, the Challenger pack could hold some serious surprises in the coming months!

Feel Mining Challenger Pack

3 Crypto pack, a single goal: Bitcoin!

If the diversity is a key word when it comes to the composition of these different packs, their common purpose is simple: earn you Bitcoin every day!

In fact, without the slightest intervention on your part, your staking and masternode dividends are converted every 5 minutes into an avalanche of satoshis, these continually feeding your BTC balance.

The rest is yours: keep your war chest in a safe place and transfer it regularly to your personal wallet or convert your production to euros or in stablecoins (conditions apply insofar as your account level on the platform – from Standard to Platinum – conditions your radius of action, see details on the official website).

Remember that in all cases, Feel Mining offers with one hand highly calibrated offers, so as to facilitate your choices, but also distribute the other as much freedom as possible in order to forge you an absolutely unique experience, specific to your equally unique investor profile.

To find out more about this unique offer, it’s now time to go to the official site’s shooting range!

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