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Among the many partnerships of The Sandbox (SAND), it happens to find rather interesting artistic experiences. The most recent is the association with RTFKT, a startup that wants to sell shoes with an original concept.


The Sandbox takes to art

Having a game that offers voxel graphics leaves the possibility for a lot of existing objects to have a pixelated version. One of the first artistic collaborations between The Sandbox and a duo of crypto artists was done a few weeks ago for a very interesting result!

It was the Italian duo Hackatao who lent themselves to the exercise of creating voxel works directly inspired by their works. And the result was successful to say the least: there is now a game in The Sandbox called “Hack the Tao”Where different adventures will await the players.

This type of partnership is already very present in other metaverses such as Decentraland where, for example, it is possible to access a whole gallery of artists directly on the LANDs. The metaverse CryptoVoxel, meanwhile, is rather already associated with all the crypto-artists who have their exhibition space there.

So it’s collaborations that make art interactive that The Sandbox is trying to do today.

Artificial intelligence generates design

In this art experience series, The Sandbox took part in a somewhat special auction. The RTFKT startup is auctioning pairs of shoes whose design is made by artificial intelligence.

How is it configured? In a way, a bit like a fundraiser: each payment level crossed allows to have additional elements in the project. The colors that were generated on the sneakers were also … on a character while voxel in The Sandbox!

It was possible to see the evolution in real time of the bets but in the end it was WhaleShark who won the bet for 22 ETH or $ 12 923 at the time of sale.


A pair of avatar-shared sneakers in The Sandbox is a big first in many areas, but this initiative adds a new use case to Non-Fungible Tokens that was not yet suspected.


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