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Podcast “We mustn’t forget the other killer diseases”

For many years the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has been involved in health care, research into vaccines and the fight against poverty. No foundation puts more money and resources into these areas. The foundation also plays a central role in the fight against Covid-19, as a sponsor of the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization (GAVI) and as a donor.

The European head of the foundation, Anja Langenbucher, appealed to the rich countries not to forget the poorer countries when distributing the vaccine. “There is a strong moral responsibility and instruction to the rich countries of this world,” said Langenbucher in the podcast “Die Null”. It is in the interests of every single country that a vaccine “is really globally accessible”. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation wants to ensure that two billion vaccine doses will be available by the end of 2021, and $ 2 billion will be mobilized for this.

Langenbucher is counting on a revival of the World Health Organization WHO after the change of power in the USA: “We have great hopes for a much more constructive cooperation with the new Biden administration,” said the economist, who has been with the Gates Foundation since 2011. “We are of course very relieved and hope for a much clearer multilateral orientation in the USA. And also on strengthening the WHO. ”The World Health Organization could take on the role of arbitrator in distributing the vaccine.

Langenbucher reminded that the fight against other diseases shouldn’t suffer: “I think we shouldn’t forget the biggest killer diseases: tuberculosis, malaria and AIDS. These are still the diseases that kill the world’s poorest countries the most. ”There are also new measles outbreaks in some countries.

Hear in the new episode of “The Zero Hour”,

  • the consequences of Covid 19 for young women and unwanted pregnancies,
  • what successes Africa has in the fight against Corona,
  • how the pandemic is throwing back the global fight against poverty.

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