Cryptocurrencies (CRO) continues its conquest of the world with Canada and a busy November! – Cryptocurrencies (CRO) is one of the major platforms for the cryptocurrency ecosystem, this is well established. Many people snatch their VISA card from elsewhere, especially for the cashback it offers! But, taking over the world is not easy. Thus, the launch of the card is done step by step. And we can say that today the project has reached a key stage, since it is the Canadian market that it has just opened with the deliveries of its VISA card in the territory.

A crucial market

The launch in Canada is not trivial. Indeed, this country has recently experienced an increasingly important and rapid adoption of cryptocurrencies.

Thanks to the opening of this market, has established itself irreparably as the leader in cryptocurrency credit cards. This new part of the world complements:

  • Singapore (October 2018);
  • United States (July 2019);
  • Europe (April 2020);
  • Canada (coming, January 2021).

An increasingly complete product

Through this novelty, continues to claim that it is here to last. And this is felt through the news of November which was more than loaded!

For example, the project recently joined Visa’s “Fast Track” program to further accelerate their development.

Finally, on the application side, we can note new features such as the arrival of the UNI (Uniswap) and DOT (Polkadot) tokens with returns of up to 3% on the latter in Crypto Earn. is a major project within the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The latter wants to establish himself as the leader, and does everything possible to extend his influence, especially internationally, and make his product essential. Despite the regular criticism against it, especially on its long-term viability, the project responds in the best possible way: no long speeches, but regular innovations and increasingly busy news. Build, and prove by the product that they are the best.


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