[boxtoernooi] The North Sea Foundation launches special North Sea banquet

A remarkable new launch among the ‘food’ boxes: a box with ‘North Sea banquet’. This turns out not to be all about food. He is meant to be one wake-up call that shows a less tasty side of the North Sea. With the campaign, the foundation asks for attention and action for a healthy future for the North Sea, which the foundation is committed to every day. The North Sea Banquet is today offered during a tour along the North Sea coast to, among others, a rescue swimmer, beachcomber and Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality.

The North Sea is the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands, with rich marine life and beautiful underwater nature. But the sea is also threatened by misuse, lack of cooperation, pollution and climate change. For example, only 3% of the North Sea bed is really protected, the North Sea warms up much faster than other seas and there are 339 pieces of waste on 100 meters of beach. With the North Sea Banquet, the North Sea Foundation puts these problems on the map and proposes solutions.

The North Sea banquet
To create awareness for the health of the North Sea, the North Sea Foundation is launching the North Sea Banquet on its 40th anniversary. The North Sea Banquet is a variation on the well-known chocolate seafood banquet and consists of four remarkable icons: a broken shell, plastic bottle, container ship and seagull. The broken shell symbolizes the underwater life that is under threat. The plastic bottle represents all the waste that ends up in the North Sea. The container ship symbolizes sea shipping, which disturbs the underwater nature. Finally, the seagull represents a bright future for all marine life, where human use and nature are in balance. And of course the packaging of the North Sea Banquet is fully recyclable.

The campaign video North Sea banquet ‘a sweet treat with a salty edge’ you can see in the window below.

Time to turn the tide
Floris van Hest, director of Stichting De Noordzee, explains why attention to the health of the North Sea is so important: ‘The North Sea has been completely blown away, but we are able to turn the tide. It is necessary to achieve a healthy balance between nature, energy production and food supply on one of the busiest seas in the world. In recent years we have made progress: pollution is being tackled and more space is being created for nature. Now is the time to press ahead and really opt for a clean and healthy North Sea. ‘

The foundation calls for effective protection of designated nature areas, building wind farms for nature inclusions and introducing a deposit on small bottles and cans.

About the North Sea Foundation
The North Sea Foundation is an independent nature and environmental organization and is the organization when it comes to protection and sustainable use of the North Sea. The foundation focuses on four goals: space for nature, clean sea, sustainable food and nature-friendly energy. Together with others, she works on a clean and healthy North Sea. The foundation strengthens nature by releasing oyster reefs in wind farms with its De Rijke Noordzee program, cleans up the entire North Sea coast every year together with thousands of volunteers and puts the sea on the political agenda with the North Sea Agreement.

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