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Close to $ 20,000 before the end of November 2020, just after a crash that brought its price back above $ 16,000 just 4 days ago: Bitcoin (BTC) has already erased the losses from the crash of 26 November 2020 and could end this month above $ 19,000. Did the bloody Thanksgiving day clean up the markets, securing the $ 20,000 catch this time around? The bulls seem to have started on a better footing to allow the price of Bitcoin (BTC) to reach new ATHs.


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The crash is over!

Bitcoin made a foray above $ 19,820 today, November 30, 2020, which is a new historical price record !

Strong selling pressure at this level led to a correction in the price of Bitcoin which is trading at $ 19,340 as of this writing.

Bitcoin Currently experiencing a daily increase of 6.70%, which is approximately a daily gain of $ 1,210.

The BTC totally absorbed the huge red candlestick of the thanksgiving crash. It will register in a few hours a new ATH in terms of monthly closing price.

Bitcoin must face a final resistance zone around 19,500 USD, before it can finally reach 20,000 USD.

Is it better than last time?

The daily RSI (14) is currently approaching 70, indicating a market BTC certainly overbought but, which is much less compared to its structure during the last ascent of the Bitcoin above 19,000 USD – a rise and a highly saturated market that had led to the collapse of the price of Bitcoin November 26, 2020.

Did the crash of the week of November 23, 2020 rid the markets of short-term traders, of all the whales that had opened positions well below $ 20,000?


The BTC continues to benefit from institutional support; Grayscale had acquired $ 137 million in Bitcoin during the past week.

Will December 1, 2020 be $ 20,000 or will it see another Bitcoin price crash? The first $ 19,500 attack ended in rejection with bulls still defending $ 19,000 for now. Grayscale acquired almost $ 140 million in Bitcoin last week, but the $ 20,000 is far from certain at the moment. Bear skin should not be sold before breaking down the last areas of resistance.


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