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The share of Aurora Solar Technologies (WKN A14T2F / TSX-V ACU), to which we made the readers of aware some time ago, has recently attracted a lot. On the one hand, this can be attributed to the positive developments in the company, and on the other hand it has to do with the fact that the mood for the renewable energies sector in North America has improved considerably with the election of the Democrat Joe Biden. Now Aurora Solar presents news that we believe could give another boost!

We originally introduced Aurora to our readers primarily as a manufacturer of measurement systems for solar cell manufacturers, which is particularly well positioned in the largest market for solar cells – China – and has been able to expand its business over time. At the same time, however, Aurora has been working on a software product for the solar cell manufacturers, which should bring the company significant, regular sales that Aurora does not achieve in the business with measuring devices / cell test devices.

This product, called Insight, uses proprietary algorithms to evaluate the large amounts of data that are collected by the cell test device during the production of solar cells. In this way, the manufacturer can be informed in real time how well his production systems are working, where problems (can) occur or where production can still be improved.

Strategic cooperation should enable accelerated growth

Today Aurora Solar announced that it is entering into a strategic cooperation with the German WAVELABS Solar Metrology Systems GmbH, which includes the integration of Insight with the solar cell test devices from WAVELABS! WAVELABS will provide special cell test functionality and data that can be used in Aurora’s enhanced versions of the Insight product. Overall, the new partners hope that the cooperation will lead to the development of additional added value features and functionality in the respective products. By using these customer benefits, it is hoped to accelerate the growth of both companies.

Aurora and WAVELABS will not only cooperate on product development, but will also work together on the promotion, marketing and distribution of their respective products, which seems to us to be another important advantage for both companies. In any case, we see Aurora’s cooperation with an established company like WAVELABS very positively. Even if the company is probably not known to many investors, it is an important player in the market for cell test devices.

According to the company itself, WAVELABS serves more than 80 customers worldwide. This includes all of the major research and development institutes for solar energy and most of the ten largest solar cell manufacturers. About a third of all solar cells produced annually are monitored by the WAVELABS solar cell test device, they say!

We strongly believe that Aurora Solar will benefit significantly from this collaboration. The business is to be expanded in partnership with Aurora as early as 2021, said WAVELABS CEO Dr. Torsten Brammer.

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