Twice the joy: save taxes with donations

Versatile: The number of organizations that ask for donations is large – it is worth checking who is really using the funds wisely.
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If you want to do good to others with money, you can get some of it back from the tax office. That is twice as much fun.

S.or since mid-November they have been arriving again, the thick envelopes with the requests for donations: the Christmas cards from the mouth and foot painters, to whom a small amount had once been transferred, the letters from the family doctor who is committed to and encourages an institution for the disabled, to imitate him. Plan International asks for a sponsorship for a child in less affluent regions of the world, Welthungerhilfe encloses ready-made address labels, so you immediately feel a little more committed to donating. The small traveling circus with the request for food donations was already at the front door with a collecting box in October. The German Red Cross hasn’t been there for a long time. The 94-year-old aunt has been transferring fixed amounts of money there for decades, the grown-up child liked to throw the bags for Bread for the World filled with pocket money into the church collection. Despite all prophecies of doom, we humans like to give, luckily again for the annual “F.A.Z.-readers help” donation campaign of the F.A.Z ..

Despite the corona crisis and the industries threatened by it, people in Germany are still very generous. According to GfK market research, around 31 million euros more were donated in the first half of 2020 than in the same period of the previous year. At the beginning of the crisis, some aid organizations had expected donations to drop by up to 90 percent. According to GfK, around 20 million people donated around 5.1 billion euros last year, slightly less than in the previous year, but 2019 was the fifth best year for donations since 2005.


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