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When it comes to the metaverse The Sandbox (SAND), one of the quickest things to notice is how many partnerships they’ve managed to forge over time. Having started out first with the Non-Fungible Token community, today it’s names like Binance and Roller Coaster Tycoon that have swelled the ranks of The Sandbox.



When The Sandbox is cited in the world of video games, the first notable thing is the community that has been built around the game. With more than 70 million shared creations on the 2D and pixel art universe creation application available on IOS and Android, The Sandbox: Evolution has been downloaded over 40 million times.

Then in 2018 an idea emerges: why not a 3D and voxel version? To complete this development, still recent technology will support the development of the project: Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).

Thanks to Decentraland who had already paved the way, The Sandbox will use these indivisible crypto tokens for its own project. In the course of 2018, Enjin will offer a new standard that will allow us to massively send several NFTs and ERC-20s in the same smart contract.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, which perfectly matches the economy The Sandbox intends to build, however, the use of the ERC-1155 will not come under the aegis of Enjin.

On the contrary, the metaverse while voxel will develop a whole empire in less than two years, but how?

The first steps in the universe of Non-Fungible Tokens

One of the first major names in the video game industry to support the project is the studio behind the licensing of Astroboy, Garfield and Mattel Games: Animoca Brands. This partnership was made with Pixowl, studio behind the mobile versions of The Sandbox: Evolution.

The arrival of this project in the NFT space was very well received: indeed, this still nascent universe and therefore in search of visibility and credibility needed renowned companies that encourage the use of this new technology.

the sandbox partners 01

To support the first presale of LANDs, a large majority of the NFT ecosystem has relayed the arrival of this new metaverse. Names like My Crypto Heroes, Opensea or Axie Infinity were there from the start to reserve their places in this new home.

Among the other players present, Dappradar or are two platforms classifying all decentralized applications by activity for many blockchains.
It is not surprising to find them in the first partners, as well as which lists sales history of NFTs on Ethereum.

F1 Delta Time, licensed by Animoca Brands, had just completed a record sale for its launch.

the sandbox map presale 1

But the main players who made the launch of The Sandbox successful are all the users who invested in LANDS from the start. In less than an hour, 80% of the land was sold, allowing The Sandbox to remain legitimate for the future.

More institutional actors …

In the second pre-sale, it was mostly a whole different cast of actors that was announced. Although CryptoKitties is known to make many partnerships with NFTs projects to make collaborations there, the community was pleasantly surprised to see other lesser-known games like Blockchain Cuties, Ember Sword, Light Trail Rush or Neon District.


the sandbox partners 02

But beyond the universe of video games or virtual collectible animals, it is interesting to see that other crypto players are interested in The Sandbox. The first of these is the NFT.NYC, an annual conference held in New York and bringing together all the players in the world related to NFTs.

The Blockchain Game Alliance, on the other hand, is a grouping of blockchain video game studios and startups that until then was rather silent. A few months later, the presidency of the Blockchain Game Alliance was taken by… Sébastien Borget.

the sandbox map presale 2

Another highlight: the presence other blockchains than Ethereum. Although MakerDAO and Matic are still linked to their big sister, the appearance of Flow (blockchain from Dapper Labs, creators of CryptoKitties) or Token Pocket (wallet for EOS) shows that interest in The Sandbox has overtaken fans of ERC-721!

One player who set foot in the blockchain ecosystem ahead of its competitors that it was surprising to see appear was the Opera browser ! The Sandbox was listed for the occasion in the list of apps available directly from the web browser.

… And more diversification

Perhaps the most memorable announcement for LAND’s third presale was the partnership with Atari ! To reinvent itself, the promise is significant: a Roller Coaster Tycoon using the spatial voxel theme, all on the blockchain!

the sandbox partners 03

Admittedly, this announcement caused a stir, but other names on the list did not have to be ashamed of their notoriety: Metamask, Infura, Polyient Games or even the Known Origin artistic marketplace.

With the arrival in the universe of The Sandbox of players from DeFI or Ethereum institutions, it was difficult to know how far the project would take.

A few months later, the whole community would learn that the SAND presale was going to take place only on Binance. And at the same time, another pre-sale phase took place around 4,012 Lands belonging to … the centralized exchange.

the sandbox map presale 3-4

The community was fairly shared about this event: enthusiastic because it represented a magnificent gateway to an environment other than that of the NFT but doubtful in the interest Binance might have in a video game creation metaverse.

Subsequently, an unexpected partnership appeared: The Smurfs. Little Blue Guys can now be purchased in Voxel style as Non-Fungible Tokens. The idea is original to say the least, but it marks a great first between a marriage of Franco-Belgian comics and crypto-currencies.

smurfs sandbox

Since the listing of SANDs on Binance, the number of partnerships with exchanges like Liquid, Simplex and more continues to increase. The recent announcement of the link between Ultra and The Sandbox seems to confirm that many games are potentially going to be interested in being featured in this metaverse as well.


The big question for The Sandbox now is their ability to handle a large influx of users. Because with each presale, the team encountered technical problems due to an underestimated success. Latest: the presale of the Smurfs having had to be postponed and the n ° 4 canceled just launched.


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