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from Stephan Feuerstein, Editor-in-Chief for Leverage Certificates Trader

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December is usually a very good month for trading precious metals. It often gets better in January, as the different seasonality curves indicate. However, early entry does not make much sense. Rather, the seasonal strategy plays its trump cards if you only build up a corresponding long position shortly before Christmas.

Grabbing a falling knife?

At first glance, the gold price looks like you have to grab the famous falling knife to get started. After all, the precious metal fell significantly after falling below support. It now remains to be seen whether current support will hold at around $ 1,750. In this case, a small consolidation should follow, so that a seasonal long position can also be hedged well.

The seasonal platinum trade

As every year, we present the seasonal platinum trade in December. The reason for this is that the adapted strategy has an extremely high chance of winning. Accordingly, we initially invest a one-off amount. From the position we have built up, we sell part of it again and again in stages. It is true that you will not be able to achieve the theoretically maximum profit here either, as with other strategies. But since the trade has been highly profitable for many years, we will do it again this year. But we still have some time before the ideal time to start is.

Silver & palladium

In the course of the consolidation that has been going on since August, the silver price is also gradually becoming interesting. However, the rate should no longer fall below the region of around $ 21.50. The palladium price is already rising recently. This should also be able to benefit over the turn of the year, so that it is currently worthwhile to keep a closer eye on the precious metals.

We wish you a successful stock market week

Stephan Feuerstein
Leverage Certificate Traders

Stephan Feuerstein is editor-in-chief of the leverage certificate trader and publisher of the stock exchange service TradingGruppe 2.0 ( Trading with derivatives is in the foreground in both letters, with all trades being announced the day before and being traded in real money with the leverage certificate trader in a real money model portfolio.

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