SAP share: chances of a significant price recovery, but … – chart analysis

In terms of charts, the SAP share remains exciting. In yesterday’s trading, the DAX-listed software share was able to move up slightly from the support zone at EUR 96.11 / EUR 97.16. At its peak, the Walldorf-based share price reached 100.52 euros in trading on Thursday, but the closing price in XETRA trading was only quoted at 99.54 euros. So there was no question of a breakthrough to the top. Nevertheless, after a few somewhat weaker days, the SAP share came back to life – despite the absence of the US stock market due to a holiday. Current indications for SAP’s share price confirm yesterday’s picture and are quoted shortly after 8 a.m. at 99.81 / 99.87 euros.

After the fall of the SAP share in the last few weeks from 143.32 euros at the beginning of September to 89.93 euros at the beginning of November, the DAX stock still lacks the radical chart-technical recovery movement. In the last few days there has been resistance around 103 euros, SAP’s share price has not made any further progress with the recovery so far. At the same time, however, the software title no longer showed any great weaknesses in the last few days. A renewed test of the low at the 90 euro mark did not take place. Instead, the SAP share was able to gain stability by 9.35 / 98.05 euros in the last few days.

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