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Europe10 facts about Liechtenstein

Many people still know Liechtenstein primarily as a tax haven in Europe. The mini-state has been trying to get rid of this image for several years. But while the welcoming duchy of Luxembourg is very active on the European stage, the principality often remains a mystery.

Many people are likely to already have problems being able to spontaneously locate Liechtenstein on a map. It is located around 20 kilometers south of Lake Constance between Austria and Switzerland. In 2019 the principality celebrated its 300th anniversary.

Liechtenstein: Hereditary monarchy with mini-parliament

It is a constitutional hereditary monarchy on a democratic and parliamentary basis. Head of State Prince Hans-Adam II transferred the business of government to Hereditary Prince Alois in 2004. The government, a so-called collegial government, consists of five members, the parliament of 25 members. Almost eight out of ten Liechtenstein citizens are Roman Catholics.

So much for the basics: Here are ten more facts about the principality.


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