CureVac share: buy signal, quarterly figures – this will be a really exciting Monday!

Monday is “CureVac Day”: The biotech company from Tübingen, which has been in the headlines for months because of its COVID-19 vaccine project and has been listed on the NASDAQ since mid-August 2020, has presented nine-month figures. In the afternoon, CureVac will present the numbers in a conference call and webcast (link).

In terms of charts, the situation for the CureVac share has become extremely exciting in the last few days after the turbulent last few months. After the post-IPO rally of the biotech stock to $ 85.00, reached on August 17, the Tübingen-based stock price slipped to $ 43.00. After a somewhat quieter phase, there was a spectacular price rally in November, which caused the CureVac share to climb to $ 86.00 on the NASDAQ on Friday – a new all-time high and at the same time the closing price for the biotech share.

However, a look at the past few days shows that the CureVac share has had difficulties and is still having to break out of the previous all-time high of 85.00 dollars. Since mid-November, CureVac’s share price has spiked at $ 85.68 and $ 84.95 / $ 85.06. The third attempt to stably overcome the all-time high now appears to be the more promising attempt.


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