CBL finds tobacco ban political emotional decision

Roorda calls “political emotional decision”. “It seems this Secretary of State wants tobacco out of the supermarket. Not that he wants to reduce smoking in the Netherlands, “he says in the professional media Distrifood. He speaks of “proper improper administration” when it comes to the ban on the sale of cigarettes and tobacco by the supermarkets by 2024. “It is not fact-based. As a supermarket sector, we covered all tobacco and cigarettes last summer. You are talking about an investment by 4,300 supermarkets. The cigarettes are also in a blank packaging. The effects of those two measures have not been included in this decision at all. We as CBL have problems with that. Furthermore, the State Secretary completely ignores the fact that you have to make a distinction between large and small supermarkets, “Roorda responds.

Threat to smaller supermarkets
The CBL (Central Bureau for Food Trade, ed.) Represents the collective interests of the Dutch supermarket sector and food service companies. The CBL office is located in Leidschendam. These companies are affiliated with the CBL, which was founded in 1970. MarktingTribune recently noted that the ban also threatens the continued existence of the service counter in the retail sector, as well as smaller supermarkets that will lose turnover.
Read on here. (sources: CBL, MT and Distrifood; photo: Fancesca Zama / Pexels)


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