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On one of the different planets that make up the metaverse galaxy, there are sometimes voxels of worlds. One of them, The Sandbox, set itself the goal of building a huge space dedicated to the creation of video game sets but also to set up an entire decentralized economy thanks to its dedicated token, the SAND.


Introducing The Sandbox

Before being a metaverse project on Ethereum, The Sandbox already existed on the Kongregate flash game platform since 2011. As the name suggests, this is a “sandbox” type game where players are free to create whatever environment they want.

The current COO of The Sandbox, Sebastien borget, immediately saw the potential of the game and contacted the Onimatrix team to suggest that they release a mobile application that was launched in 2012. Offering the possibility of creating worlds in 2D and pixel art, the game was very successful with a second version of the game in 2016, always giving players more freedom.

sandbox decor

It was in 2018 that higher gear was set in motion with ever greater ambition: support from Animoca Brands for development, switch to 3D Voxel, multiplayer and multi-platform but above all use the blockchain to let platform users full possessiveness of their creation.

Decentralized land

Who says announcing the release of a game on the blockchain, says presales of assets that everyone can use. The first category of these assets are land (LAND) which takes the form of Non-Fungible Token on Ethereum.

sandbox land 3d

Adopting the standard ERC-721, these lands started to be sold as they went along thanks to various pre-sales since December 2019. These pre-sales have all, since the beginning, met with enormous success: each of them finished in less than an hour.

But victim to its own success, each pre-sale has had its share of technical problems, making it impossible for many users to purchase the available plots of land.

sandbox decor 2

Access to LANDs is not yet online, so it is a strong speculative aspect that has driven this buying frenzy. It is important to understand that there is two categories of LAND available :

The first category concerns land which is located near or very close to the grounds of the official partners of The Sandbox, therefore offering their owner greater visibility than land that is far from where visitors will go.

Once these fields are accessible, what will players be able to find there?

VoxEdit: tool for creating virtual objects

So that a virtual universe is not just a big deserted place, it is normal to have different elements that decorate the space a little.

VoxEdit is a free tool made available to creative minds to enable them to model in 3D and voxel just about any type of object you can find in a video game : monsters, characters, scenery, vehicles, objects, weapons or armor …

voxedit sandbox

Since January 2020, everyone can let their creativity speak for themselves thanks to this tool but only 1000 artists will be selected for their creations to be uploaded and accessible for purchase by users.

To be able to be part of this reduced circle, it is necessary to be accepted in the “Creator Fund”, A fund intended to remunerate the various artists who will propose their works but not only!

sandbox smurf

Indeed, it is important to know that only 10,000 Voxels will be selected to exist in The Sandbox. The Creator Fund will allocate 10 to 1000 dollars per selected creations and will then offer the possibility to users of buy them directly from the game marketplace.

Each VoxEdit that will be selected will take the form of a ERC-1155 so that its distribution by batch is easier and above all less expensive.


sandbox warrior

Game Maker

If object creation seems complicated or beyond your skills, there is another way you can get involved in the game: the creation of decor.

Inspired directly from previous versions, The Sandbox offers a free “scene” creation tool that aims to facilitate the integration of the sets and the interactions that will take place there.

sandbox game edit

Its operation is extremely simple : providing a library of content to integrate them into the scene, the limits of creation will lie only to your imagination. The items that will be possible to find in the library are those created by artists using VoxEdit, but others were natively present from the start such as the soil in magma or ice.

Each of the scenes therefore represents the final setting of a game, in which any player can progress. To familiarize users with this authoring tool, The Sandbox regularly organizes competitions around specific themes for users or “Game Jam sessions” for developers.

the sandbox games

These scenes which will take place on the field are the central core of the game. Based on a “Play to earn” system, the players who participate in the different adventures will be rewarded in The Sandbox’s native token: the SAND.

But maybe the creator of the scene will leave other gains after all its creative freedom is large enough to hide a whole lot of surprises!

The fungible tokens of the game

Who says game economy, says token dedicated to this universe. The SAND will be the currency of the game and all the value of the objects in the game will be backed by it. Using the ERC-20 as the standard, this is the token that will be preferred for the majority of transactions.

sansdbox sand

Indeed, ultimately, the goal is to have to go through SAND for the purchase of any game assets, whether LANDs or other objects. This news, potential investors realized from the presale n ° 4 …

There are several ways to get these tokens, first on Binance but also on the decentralized exchange Uniswap. It is also possible to participate in the “liquidity pool” in order to receive interest on the exchanges of the various pairs that take place there.

However, given the particularly high number of participants in this liquidity pool, it will take more than a few hundred euros to start seeing a return on your investment.

the sandbox chest

As said above, SANDs can be obtained by playing directly in scenes or by selling in-game assets. But it is also possible to stake them in order to earn interest. This will also help fuel the overall game rewards fund.

The SAND will have another utility: they will participate in the governance of the game. Decisions concerning certain aspects of the operation will be put to the vote of the owners of SAND who will thus be able to participate in the evolution of the game according to their preferences.

sandbox catalyst

Other tokens like CATALYST or GEMS have been announced but are not yet available for purchase or use. The CATALYST will be used to increase the skill level of the cards while GEMS will be used to merge the cards together to increase their rarity.

sandbox block

Despite some presales that were occasionally plagued by bugs or server overload, The Sandbox’s community has not only grown but also diversified in just two years.

With the game only slated for next year, there is still some time to take advantage of and practice the tools already available to better understand the mechanics of the game.


And if it is the value of assets that interests you, remember that they are determined by many more factors than their price or their scarcity. Do not hesitate to take a look at The Sandbox’s market history on to filter the criteria and verify that the buy price is not too expensive or your selling price too low …


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