TubeSolar: The capital increase is coming – investor guarantees placement volume

At TubeSolar, the decision to carry out a capital increase has been made. The company will issue one million new shares. Shareholders receive subscription rights and can subscribe to new shares in the solar energy company at a ratio of 10 to 1. TubeSolar has set the subscription price at 6.00 euros. The share was most recently listed on the Düsseldorf Stock Exchange at EUR 6.95.

When the capital increase will actually start is still open – BaFin still has to approve the company’s securities prospectus. “The subscription offer for the cash capital increase is to be published immediately following the approval of the securities prospectus,” said TubeSolar, who intends to privately place unsubscribed shares with selected institutional investors. The major shareholder of TubeSolar AG guarantees that it will take over all shares that cannot be placed with investors either by subscription rights or by private placement.

“The proceeds from the capital increase will be used in particular to finance the development of highly automated production and the further growth of TubeSolar AG, including a possible acquisition of shares,” the company said on Thursday.

Security data: TubeSolar
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