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The stock exchange week made us realize that our most important leading index, the DAX, should now comprise 40 values ​​in the future, while the MDax, in return, will lose ten and be trimmed to 50. “40 is the new 30” called this the Süddeutscher Zeitung. In addition, the companies should have achieved a positive EBIDTA in the previous two financial years in order to be included in the index. “But this does not mean a miraculous increase in money,” the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung appeases investors who had dreamed of a miraculous increase in value. Because the score will therefore not jump up. Rather, the weight of the individual companies in the DAX is changing – they are becoming lighter. You’d have to be in an index!

The future begins
With the seemingly philosophical “The future begins now”, this week the stock exchange opens online. When does the present flow into the future, that is the question, when does one end and the other begin? You will come soon enough, said Albert Einstein. The issue then deals with growth trends in the tech industry, such as health, e-commerce, artificial intelligence, data analysis, etc. “Which stocks still have their best time ahead of them?” It says – not today, but rather tomorrow . Optically rather uninspired, Focus Money relies entirely on ETFs: ETF strategies, ETF recommendations and ETF super winners – what more could you want? In front of the gloomy, dramatic skyscraper backdrop in the sunset, the December issue of on “The End of Personal-Financial.comism” is unkthinking, but with a small asterisk and the suffix for readers with sharp eyes “as we know it”. We “stumble into an era of state capitalism” so the paper. It is not to be expected, however, that the paper will soon be spelled with “K” following Karl Marx.

Lark or owl?
In Impulse we could read – in the morning – what time of day we should work. However, that depends on which type you are: lark, owl or normal type, i.e. early riser, night owl or neither. Most people have their performance peak in the morning at least, which they often waste with pointless activities such as checking e-mails, watching the news and making coffee. We should use our most productive time more meaningfully, with creative work. But, nobody can spend the whole day at their best, so you should take breaks and not outsmart the body with coffee. Let’s not do it, we’ll just take coffee breaks!

Merry Christmas
We are approaching the Christmas season, even if we do not want to admit it like every year. But it should have become clear to everyone that this year this festival will also be a very special one. Personal-Financial.comism is by no means buried in the cited issue of, but there is, for example, a short article on Carrera! In fact, the author still comes from the generation “in which children could only choose between a racetrack and a model railroad,” as the article says, and further, that time was “long gone.” Thanks for that – we had a railroad, by the way, which is why mine Son now owns a Carrera track. After all, the new owner of the manufacturer wants to step on the gas and benefits from the fact that we have to stay at home over the Christmas holidays, the racetrack is no longer slow-moving. Which brings us to the Simba-Dickie Group, which despite new hires complains about delivery problems, for example with Märklin-Eisenbahnen (!), Schuco-Cars and of course the unmistakable Bobby-Car. According to Handelsblatt, this boom only refers to the domestic market, which led to the headline “Germany plays, the world saves” The big competitor of both the racetrack and the model railroad is the gaming industry. The game console manufacturers could also benefit from their “vacation at home”. and from the fact that the vacation money saved is invested in expensive toys. If it weren’t for the lack of suppliers and production here too. DIE WELT is the headline “Console-free party” and reports on families who are “resorting to increasingly desperate means to save the mess”. Nice presents without Playstation 5!

Stairs to nothing
Börse Online offers a special investment project on the last page: A piece of stairs to climb the Eiffel Tower. There were a total of 24 sections of this section of stairs between the second and third floors, which had long been replaced by an elevator. But these have long been scattered all over the world. Now a piece is going under the hammer, only 2.60 m high and available for auction from 30,000 euros – up to half a million euros have been paid for individual pieces. A festival for scalalogues. A side note: the author of these lines managed to hit his head in and on the Eiffel Tower as a teenager. Which gave him a headache and a blue-light drive through Paris. If only he had taken the elevator …

Author of the press review: Ulrich Kirstein, Bayerische Börse AG

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