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These products are particularly in demand in times of corona

The upcoming Christmas business was seen by many companies as a great hope for a final increase in sales at the end of the year. The extensions of the partial lockdown and the planned new regulations for shops have put a damper on the anticipation in retail. Because from December 1st, only one person will be allowed to stay per ten square meters of retail space; for shops over 800 square meters, 20 square meters per customer apply.

The stationary trade in particular is concerned about long lines in front of the branches and online competition. The trade association HDE expects that customers will migrate to Amazon and Co. By extending the partial lockdown, sales of up to 2 billion euros could flow from stationary to online retail. A blow for brick-and-mortar retail: According to the HDE, some retailers achieve more than a fifth of their annual sales in November and December.

While some goods are mainly bought before Christmas, others have enjoyed strong demand for months. This does not mean the food and toiletries that led to empty shelves during the first lockdown. Here demand has recently calmed down and leveled off at the pre-crisis level, as a special evaluation by the Federal Statistical Office shows. Accordingly, the sales figures for soap, disinfectants and toilet paper from November 2nd to 14th were significantly below those of the two previous weeks.

Instead, products that have touch points with the new normal of home office and social distancing benefited. These products have been in great demand since Corona


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