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The boss of Pantera is one of the PlanBists who believe in 1 Bitcoin (BTC) at 100,000 USD. The company will very soon proceed with a fundraising. Although no details have leaked out about Pantera’s plans, Dan Morehead’s speeches provide some clues as to the path the company should take.


A 4th round for Pantera

Pantera will be raising funds shortly. The company has made a deposit with the DRY for a stock offering of up to $ 134 million.

Created in 2013, Pantera is one of the first funds dedicated to Bitcoin. The company had carried out a first fundraising of 13 million dollars, then a second of 25 million dollars.

In 2018, a 3rd fundraising resulted in the creation of Venture Fund III which attracted $ 164 million between 2018 and 2020.

As the cryptocurrency market enters a new bullish phase, this deposit with the DRY is indicative of the ambitions of Pantera.

Speeches and clues

No details have yet filtered out on the exact plans of the company: this capital raising could result in the creation of a new fund or an extension of the reach of Venture Fund III.

The latest comments from the executive officers of Pantera could contain information on the development strategies of the company.

The CEO of Pantera, Dan Morehead, had said that DeFi’s growth potential was greater than that of Bitcoin.

Yet some remember the particularly optimistic predictions of Morehead over the course of Bitcoin.

In 2019, he indicated that it could reach 356,000 USD by 2022. Morehead stressed that the company is focusing its efforts on vertical financial development.


Pantera Finally seems to be interested in the cryptocurrency derivatives markets, as suggested by his investment in the derivatives platform World.

A $ 20,000 Bitcoin should encourage dedicated BTC funds to embark on development projects. Institutionals boost the price of Bitcoin, BTC feeds institutions: the classic investment cycle, the financial mayonnaise turning and rising to gain in volume. It left for a 4th round for Pantera BTC has entered its last round to conquer new ATHs.


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