Evotec: Sustainable Growth Potential

After three quarters, Evotec increases sales by 12 percent to 360.4 million euros. Research expenditure increased by almost 12 percent to 46.1 million euros. The EBITDA drops by 17 percent to 76.9 million euros.

In 2020, Evotec is expected to have sales of between EUR 440 million and EUR 480 million. The FMR analysts consider 479.5 million euros to be a realistic figure. The company sees adjusted EBITDA at between EUR 100 million and EUR 120 million. The experts assume 107.3 million euros. Their estimate for earnings per share is EUR 0.23.

In their current study, they confirm the purchase recommendation for Evotec papers. As before, the target price is EUR 29.00.

Evotec continues to see sustainable growth potential. The research activities should have positive effects.

For 2021 the analysts are forecasting sales of 534.3 million euros and an EBITDA of 133.5 million euros. There should then be a profit of 0.39 euros per share.

Evotec’s shares are still trading at EUR 25.40.


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