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Cameroon: the Finactu Group closes its mission with the National Social Protection Fund (CNPS)

The Finactu Group has just completed a long actuarial evaluation mission of all social security schemes managed by the National Social Protection Fund (CNPS) of Cameroon under the leadership of Nöel Alain Olivier Mekulu Mvondo Akame, Chief Executive Officer.

The CNPS protects approximately one million Cameroonians for the three major social risks which are (i) maternity (family benefits scheme), (ii) old age (retirement scheme, invalidity and death) and (iii) work accidents and occupational diseases.

Thanks to perfect control of its management costs and technical parameters, the CNPS now has a technical balance of nearly FCFA 100 billion (equivalent to approximately € 150 million) which places it in a quite remarkable situation. in the space of the Inter-African Conference on Social Welfare (CIPRES).

The projections made by Finactu on the basis of its own actuarial model – ATLAS © – have shown that this flourishing health is set to strengthen over the next 30 years. As Denis CHEMILLIER-GENDREAU, Chairman and Founder of the FINACTU Group, points out, “ Over the next 3 decades, our actuarial projections made using our ATLAS © software show that the CNPS will continue to generate technical surpluses, which will drop from around FCFA 100 billion today to nearly FCFA 450 billion in 2050. Which must be underlined in the case of the CNPS is the good control of management costs, which have even decreased over the last 10 years, thanks to an effort of permanent rationalization and quality computerization.

The FINACTU Group also supported the CNPS by transferring skills by training its teams on social protection actuarial services, the reforms and their implementation methods, as well as on the use of its ATLAS © actuarial simulation software.


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