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Do you like cute little monsters and cryptocurrency? If so, you must have heard of Axie Infinity, an Ethereum blockchain game that has been around for a few years! Combining RPG and collectible, Axie is not just about an arena of 3 creatures fighting against each other, but more than that.

In short, what is Axie Infinity?

Axis Infinity was launched in 2018 by the company Sky Mavis and from the start all game actions were recorded on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain. Each Axis is a little monster which has characteristics of its own like physical traits but also combat skills.

axie teacher

Very quickly, the game found its audience both for the aspect “collectible”That the gameplay is relatively simple in appearance. A community has been built around the game to introduce new players and help them choose their Axis to be used in building their fighter team.

When the LAND sale took place at the end of 2018, the announcement that a larger universe that a simple web browser arena has been made for the community. The possibility of a complete universe in which these little monsters could evolve with each other opened up a field of possibilities that still seemed elusive at that time.

Axie decor

But without putting the cart before the horse, the game continued to develop slowly but surely, especially with the publication of the alpha on smartphone. This application allows players to access adventure mode so that they can level up their Axies and collect Small Love Potions (SLP).

In November 2020, Axie Infinity joined the Binance launchpad, promising first and foremost the development of the entire gaming economy, but not only that: this strong support allowed for the first time in the history of cryptos an NFT project to access a centralized exchange platform.

axis UI


At first, there was only PvP available in Axie Infinity. Since the “Community Alpha”Came out, PvE added but the battle gameplay remained the same with the difference of having waves of enemies rather than a single opposing team.

So we’re going to have to put together a team of three Axies to have them fight against other players. In theory it sounds simple, but in practice there are many subtleties to be taken into account such as the weaknesses linked to the elements as well as the complementarity of the Axies between them.

axie elements

Depending on the class of your Axie, he will therefore be more or less strong against his opponents. But not only ! To improve your chances of victory, it is better to build a balanced team between the different classes to be prepared for any type of opponent rather than putting all your Axies in the same basket and risk falling on a team that will crush you for sure. .

But what will make the real strength of these little monsters are the parts of their body like the mouth, tail, dorsal part and horn.

Indeed, these physical traits have a particularly important impact in the game: they not only make it possible to determine the statistics of the Axis (speed, health, morale …) but also the skills that you can use in combat.

The combat system is turn-based and again, several elements must be taken into account:

  • Each skill is represented by a card drawn at random at the start of the turn
  • These cards are assigned to the corresponding Axis and have an energy cost
  • The energy available for skills partially regenerates each turn

Skills have a fairly wide field of effect, they obviously have an impact on health of your opponents, can give them a penalty (for example lowering speed or breaking armor) but also steal energy points from your opponent.

Fortunately, they can also give you some armor or bonuses! In addition, by fulfilling certain conditions, it is possible to chain a combo or to inflict a critical hit.

axie smartphone

Tournaments and partnerships

Each season, Axie Infinity organizes tournaments between players to allow them to win rather generous prizes. Beyond the staggering reward aspect waiting for the best in the standings, it is also an opportunity for the team of forge partnerships with other crypto players.

axie kyber network

The first tournament appeared shortly after the Alpha was released on smartphones and it was MakerDAO who was an official sponsor. A reward of 1000 DAI was promised at the key of this first season. Two other actors, Kyber Network and Klaytn have lent themselves to the game to offer rewards of their own during these tournaments but mostly, it is DAI rewards that are offered.

Today it’s Aave which took over rewards since Tournament Season 13.

Beyond tournaments, the world of Axie Infinity is getting exported to many other platforms. This is for example the case of Coingecko who gave it pride of place on their site … by creating a whole page dedicated to their universe.

axie coingecko

The lizard site is not at its first attempt with Axie: already in 2019 during the sale of Lands, it was possible to find NFTs in Coingecko colors in the chests.

Later, in October 2019, a major name in the smartphone industry would expand the list of partnerships: Samsung. The company having developed an entire blockchain hub to integrate it into its compatible phones, it was now possible to find Axie Infinity in the list of games available in the store of Samsung Blockchain Wallet.

In June 2020, another news and not the least was announced: a partnership between Axie Infinity and Ubisoft (or more precisely theUbisoft Entrepreneur Labs). Little information has leaked out regarding the terms of this partnership, but having a major video game institution hosting the Axie Infinity universe within it has placed the game to yet another level of credibility.

axie AXS

Tokens of the Axie Infinity universe

Today Axie Infinity is based on three ethereum tokens: the Axies which are Non-Fungible Tokens, SLPs and AXS which are ERC-20 tokens.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

First of all, Small Love Potions have only one purpose: to allow Axies to have a baby. The breed Axies is one of the pillars of the game concept because baby Axie will be able to inherit certain physical traits and therefore certain skills from his parents.

But no magic, to achieve this a certain number of love filters are necessary! Its way of working is relatively simple: The more your Axie has reproduced with others, the higher the cost in $ SLP will be.

axie slp

The possibility of acquiring SLPs offline was probably the most suitable feature for the crazy transaction fees that Ethereum experienced during the summer of 2020. Indeed, even if the use of the LOOM sidechain makes it possible to avoid transaction fees on their marketplace, for synchronize Potions obtained in the game or trigger the breed, sending a transaction to Ethereum is necessary …

axie ronin

With Loom having announced its withdrawal from the gaming universe earlier in the year, Axie having based its entire marketplace on this sidechain, the team risked therefore finding themselves without Layer 2 to cover all of the game’s transactions. ‘Never mind, the team did not sit idly by and decided to create their own sidechain: Ronin.

This solution is still in development and should be announced soon, with the team focusing on a relatively small number of validators for the governance of this sidechain.

When Axie Infinity was accepted to Binance’s Launchpad, two tokens were listed there: SLP but also the AXS shortly after.

Axie X Binance X Uniswap

The Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) are the cornerstone of the ecosystem and have a completely different utility: they will be used in particular for the governance of the project but can also be placed in receivership to generate other AXS or participate in special sales on the marketplace.

And after ?

If the whole NFT space is so enthusiastic about Axie Infinity, it’s probably because the game is still in the the alpha stage and promises many features in the coming times.

The first of these will concern the migration various assets on the Ronin sidechain, starting with the Lands by the end of the year and then the Axies in early 2021.

Will follow update in Beta battle system to open up this universe to ever more players and the next phase is probably one of the most anticipated: the Alpha launch gameplay around the Lands.

Axie Land

This game mode is particularly eagerly awaited because it will allow you to walk around the entire Axie Infinity Lands map for undermine, cultivate materials or decorate it with decorations. Every element of the scenery will have a direct consequence on your Axies such as increased experience gained or other combat bonuses!

Although the world of Lunacia may appear tranquil, various events will disrupt the life that unfolds there. There it will be possible to face Lunacians, evil monsters playing spoilers in your daily activities.

Little is known about these monsters, but some are said to be stronger than others … Perhaps it will be possible to cooperate for the abbatres in order to share the reward which will only be greater?

Once this universe is in place, the last ambitions present on the roadmap for 2021 are the official release of the app on IOS and Android and then the Axie Infinity SDK to allow other projects to use their world in theirs.

axie switch


You will understand, Axie Infinity is all the same well advanced in the development of their universe as well as their community. Compared to other projects launched around the same time, the progress so far has gone smoothly and the game will continue to develop on a solid basis.

In recent months the price in $ ETH of Axies has risen sharply and combined with the rise in dollars of Ethereum, the game is now good. less accessible for small purses.

axie stella

While it is possible to apply for a “scholarship” so that a mentor can train you and advise you on choosing your first Axie team, places have become expensive over time.

However, Axie has always seen its development with a view to democratizing their universe to an ever wider audience. The player has always been at the center of their concern from the start and if you look at how the economy of the game has been thought out, it is possible to generate Axies endlessly.

Even though some of them are rarer and therefore more expensive, the real value of the game lies in the constitution of the Axie team that you will send into combat as well as the rate at which you will make them fight against your opponents. .

Thanks to updates to this upcoming universe, other forms of gameplay will continue to enrich the game to make these little monsters increasingly accessible to as many people as possible.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Thanks to Axie France for proofreading and corrections!


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