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We meet today for a new presentation of the crypto project. Indeed, if you are an avid reader of Thecointribune, you will know that we like to discover new projects. Today’s project is Aluna. It is often said that a good idea for a startup or a project should be easy to understand like “The project aims to become the Uber of xxx” and well here we could say that Aluna aims to become, in a way, the E-Toro cryptos and decentralized finance. We will try to better understand how this project wants to bring a breath of fresh air to the cryptocurrency trading industry. Like astronauts from SpaceX’s next mission, let’s take our seats aboard the ship for a smooth moon landing.

Let’s start by observing and understanding the history of the project as well as discovering a little better who is behind it? One thing is certain, it is not about Satoshi Nakamoto. Indeed, the members of the core team of the project unveiled their identities in the white paper of the project. It is more precisely during the year 2017, than Alvin lee and Henrique Matias, meet and decide to co-found the project. On the one hand Alvin has been a cryptocurrency trader since 2013, he has since those years specialized in blockchain technology. He notably followed the course of the Chipriote University of Nicosi and obtained a specialized master’s degree in the subject of digital assets. Henrique is the coder of the tape, even before meeting Alvin, he had developed his own multiplatform trading interface which notably made it possible to trade cryptocurrencies directly from a Telegram account.

Alvin lee, in full presentation of the Aluna social trading platform project
Alvin Lee, co-founder of the Aluna project

The project then took off quickly, at the end of 2017, the MVP of the Aluna platform launched with 300 early adopters. In December 2018, the Alpha version of the renowned platform was launched. Beta version taking into account the feedback of the first users appeared in October 2019. In passing, we will note a clear improvement in the UX / UI of the interface and new features such as the famous “Copy trading”. In the meantime, it should be noted that the core team has grown to welcome a new CTO: Anderson Arbeloya and a product designer: Alex Beltechi.

If today, the core team manages the project, the ultimate objective is that the Aluna project is a real DAO, a decentralized organization whose decisions are made by the community. In any case, it should be noted that the team is doing a hell of a job on a project with very high potential. Besides, the roadmap looks more than promising, with the private sale of the ALN token, without forgetting the security audits of smart contracts and the platform, the airdrop currently in progress and the list is long to arrive at the objective of a Défi social trading platform by 2022.

Now that the stage is set, that we know a little better where the project comes from and who are the people who make things happen within the core team, it’s time to understand Aluna’s objectives a little better. .social. What are the main axes that define their platform and what added value for users?

You no longer need to be an expert to see that the crypto ecosystem is very prolific, with the rise of social networks, the community has the tools to start frenzied discussions on a particular project, such or such crypto. Everyone has an opinion on everything and it is very easy to get lost, especially if you are new to the industry and want to try your hand at trading cryptocurrency. As the sector is still very volatile and highly speculative, communication networks play an essential role in triggering the rise in the price of cryptocurrencies. One of the rather striking examples of recent months is that of Dogecoin, the crypto bearing the image of a dog of the Shiba breed had been the subject ofa viral Tiktok video, result: a huge increase in its price ! In short, it can happen that we do not know who to believe in the market today. And it is often difficult to know if those who communicate, are really investing in the assets they are promoting.

By creating a social trading platform dedicated to cryptocurrencies, Aluna thus wishes to create a space of transparency where traders will be encouraged to share their portfolio data transparently.. This will make it possible to get behind the smokescreens of today. Imagine the possibility for a beginner, or even an experienced trader to be able to see in real time how his peers are investing.

And the Aluna project goes further than a simple project of a purely crypto version social trading platform. Indeed, it wants to make life easier for traders who often have to juggle several exchanges to place orders on the market. Aluna therefore aims to offer a single channel, with an ergonomic interface that will allow you to connect your multiple accounts that you may have on exchanges. As soon as you register, you can connect your Aluna account to the following exchanges: Binance, Bitfinex, Bitmex, Bittrex, or Poloniex. Thus, directly from your Aluna account you can access the trading of the majority of cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether And the list is long !

List of cryptomonnaies available Aluna
An almost endless list of cryptocurrencies to trade on Aluna

Having personally tested it, it is true that it is quite satisfying to navigate on the Aluna platform, the effort in terms of ergonomics is really present. Just watch the feed, all the essential information is present around the news feed. The features of “Copy Trading” are clearly highlighted and you can see exactly how other traders are diversifying their portfolios or not. Another very interesting point is that you can view in real time the positions opened by traders on the platform, but also the history of buy and sell orders. Thanks to the interface, you can really feel the “Gamification” aspect of trading that Aluna highlights in its white paper.

Presentation of the feed platform
The feed of the Aluna platform

Always with the aim of bringing a slightly more enlightened and transparent vision of the world of cryptocurrencies to users of its platform, Aluna has set up various prediction mechanisms to encourage users of the platform to give their opinion on the evolution of cryptocurrency prices.

In exchange for participating in these prediction games, you will be able to obtain rewards that materialize in tokens ALN. Once again, the goal for the creators ofAluna is to succeed in capturing what users really think, to detach themselves from the media noise of social networks, in particular where the difference between publicity and real opinion is sometimes thin.

The first prediction game developed on Aluna involves betting on closed questions. The players thus bet a certain number of tokens and hope to win a larger number by having the correct answer. Questions should always offer clear “Yes” or “No” answers. An example to better understand: Will Bitcoin hit its “All Time High” by the end of 2020?

Then the second betting game that will be available on Aluna, is the ability to bet on orders placed by other traders. Likewise, get tokens as a reward if you bet correctly on the outcome of an order opened by a trader on Aluna.

Finally, in the same way as at the races, you can bet on the ranking of the best traders on Aluna. So, identify your champion, bet on him and win rewards again. In short, you will understand, in addition to bringing a friendly and social aspect to trading, the fun aspect is at the heart of the Aluna project. Can you become the Mrs. Irma of Bitcoin trading? To be continued …

In a glance, observe the traders who perform on the platform Aluna
Ranking of the best traders on the platform

Like most projects in the crypto ecosystem, Aluna has decided to issue its own token, the ALN. This is a token developed on the basis of the standard Ethereum ERC-20. The ALN is what can be referred to as a “Utility Token”. Indeed, this token can be used and bring you many benefits within the Aluna ecosystem.

First, the token allows you to reward platform users, you can earn ALN if you are one of the best traders or if you bet correctly on the evolution of the price of cryptocurrencies in the various prediction games set up on the platform. In addition, the token can give you reduced fees on Aluna.

So if you store exactly 1337 ALN, you access the premium user status of the Aluna platform. This gives you access to erased subscription fees and reductions in your transaction fees.

logo of the aluna token

In addition, the objective of the Aluna project is to set up a completely decentralized organization where we will find the token that will allow its holders to vote on the platform’s strategic decisions.

Finally, a Token Burn mechanism will be implemented, in effect this means that part of Aluna’s profits will be used to buy ALN tokens to destroy them. The objective of this operation is to gradually reduce the amount of ALN tokens in circulation on the market in order to mechanically increase the price. This principle is fairly standard for utility tokens. We find in particular these burn operations with the BNB token of Binance or the CHSB of Swissborg.

Understand everything about issuing ALN tokens

Now that we have understood the advantages that we can perceive with the ALN token, let’s take a look at the issuance of the latter on the market to better understand how 100 million ALN ​​tokens will be distributed in the market and how you can get hold of them.

Firstly, 10% of the tokens were distributed to the 300 early adopters of the project, those who made it possible, thanks to their feedback, to build the current Aluna platform. Then, 15% of tokens will be sold during private and public token sales. Indeed, Aluna is preparing a IDO (Initial decentralized offering) or the decentralized version of the ICO (Initial Coin offering). According to Aluna’s public roadmap, this sale is expected to start by month of december 2020.

Graphic presentation of the distribution of token Aluna for stakeholders
The distribution of ALN tokens

A portion of the tokens (15%) will also be dedicated to nourishing and rewarding the ecosystem, especially users of the platform who will thus be able to receive tokens as a reward if they rank among the best traders.

Finally, 11% are dedicated to the core team of the project, and 49% of the total ALN token reserve will be dedicated to the project cash flow, they can thus be used to finance platform development actions, marketing and communication actions, etc.

If you cannot wait for the opening of the ALN token sale to get it, an Airdrop is underway on Aluna. Thus, if you connect a Web3 wallet, connect your Aluna account to an exchange and place a trading order, you will be able to benefit from ALN tokens as air rewards dropped on your crypto wallet. Not bad for taking your first steps on the platform then.

Aluna, a great project for more user-friendly and fun cryptocurrency trading! You will understand, Aluna wants to bring a breath of freshness and transparency to the sometimes obscure world of cryptocurrency trading. The big advantages are thus in particular the functionalities of copy trading, the transparency on the distribution of the portfolios of the users. We will also appreciate the features of prediction games to come, all benefiting from a pleasant ergonomics reminiscent of first-rate social networks. Started in 2017, this project shows great potential, the Beta version of the platform is already online and with the upcoming token sale, we imagine that the core team which is currently leading the Aluna project will be able to move on to top gear. To be continued…. on Thecointribune of course.

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