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Relaunching tourism and the aviation sector at all costs, even to the detriment of personal data protection? Should we really applaud innovations in digital identity? This Chinese conglomerate and this blockchain platform are joining forces to develop a digital recognition solution that is supposed to facilitate international travel.

Faces soon on blockchain

The use of digital identification tools is advancing rapidly with possibilities of use in many areas.

The Chinese conglomerate Tencent Holdings collaborates with the blockchain company ShareRing to launch a digital recognition system, in order to facilitate international travel.

According to the daily South China Morning Post, ShareRing combines distributed ledger technology with cloud online storage services from Tencent for the creation of a blockchain-based digital identity management platform.

ShareRin, will use theOCR to improve the traveler data entry process.

Facial recognition technology Tencent will also be integrated to perfect the self-sovereign digital identity management application developed by ShareRing.

The application should protect user data from manipulation by third parties, including ShareRing and Tencent.

It is currently used for booking flights, hotels and rental cars.

The revival of tourism passes through the blockchain

The two companies said in a joint statement that they want to support the countries ofAsia South East when opening their borders to tourists, to recover from the negative impacts of the pandemic on the sector.

S&P Global Ratings forecasts a drop in global air traffic of around 60 to 70%.

ShareRing and Tencent reported that many government agencies that are members of theAssociation of Southeast Asian Nations had expressed their interest in the platform.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

China or Chinese companies in the race for digital identity: no wonder when you know the system of policing citizens in the country – no, it’s not for the pleasure of teaching a lesson in democracy. The crypto-yuan, which could be released very soon, should already allow the Chinese government to track all financial transactions. Blockchain in the service of democracy: any tool, even designed with the best intentions in the world, can be diverted from its initial purpose. Covid-19 has given governments good excuses to set up tracking projects, ignoring the rights to anonymity and the protection of privacy. Because in the name of the general interest … It’s okay, we know the song!


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