Security chief charged with bribery – gun license required

Apple’s security chief is on trial: he is accused of bribing a sheriff – to get gun licenses.

He took security a little too seriously: Apple’s “Head of Global Security”, Thomas Moyer, has to answer for bribery in a US court.

The reason: He is said to have bribed a local sheriff with 200 iPads so that he could get permission to carry firearms undercover. This requires a license, which the sheriff issues.

Moyer, who has been Apple’s head of security for two years, wanted to receive the coveted licenses for his employees and promised a donation of the iPads, which are said to be worth $ 70,000. Two other police officers are also charged.

Moyer, meanwhile, protests his innocence. “We look forward to making Tom’s innocence clear in court and putting an end to this false charge,” said Moyer’s attorney.

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