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ExklusivMcMakler increases valuation to 400 million euros

Mcmakler CEO Felix Jahn.Mcmakler

Felix Jahn is not one of the noisy start-up CEOs. Over the years he has built one of the most promising new real estate companies. The McMakler brand has become known through television advertising – in the past year alone, the start-up spent 22 million euros on it, as figures from the market research company Nielsen show.

The aggressive advertising campaigns were also reflected in the sales figures: McMakler increased sales massively every year. The start-up acts as a broker when selling real estate and makes use of digital tools. There was also a major leap in sales in the crisis year 2020.

In the spring it looked different, the lockdown and short-time work caused uncertainty. “Everyone was in a state of shock,” said McMakler boss Jahn. From the end of April, the demand increased again massively, especially among private property buyers. The Berlin company has just collected 50 million dollars for further growth, according to media reports.

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