BioNTech share: Missed the buy signal again … – Chart analysis

BioNTech had good news on Wednesday about the COVID-19 vaccine from China and about a long-term cooperation with InstaDeep. But a stable breakout over the broad technical chart hurdle around the mark around 105 dollars – the earlier all-time high – was denied the share price of the Mainz biotech company yesterday on the NASDAQ. And that despite a daily high at $ 106.06, which was ultimately not enough to generate a stable buy signal. Instead, BioNTech shares were up at $ 104.96 (+3.03 percent) from trading and on the Thanksgiving holiday in the USA, but without a new buy signal.

And so there is currently little going on in German trading in BioNTech shares. On Tradegate, the title opened slightly in positive territory and is currently at EUR 88.29 (+0.39 percent).

For the BioNtech share, the last outlined signal marks remain relevant for the BioNtech share. Here are the key data again: After the rebreak below USD 103.37 / 105.33, the support area around the core zone at USD 97.29 / 98.51 was able to cushion the downward movement without a subsequent breakout back above the 105 mark came. If this succeeds and there is then a breakout above 106.06 dollars, the zone between 109.98 dollars and 112.50 / 115.00 dollars could again become the target for BioNTech’s share price.


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