Staatsloterij wants to get rid of its cars

They have until December 31st 11:59 pm to do so. Staatsloterij is therefore making a final appeal to persuade the winners to surrender their winning tickets. Every year it happens that Dutch players do not cash in their winning Staatslot. This always concerns lottery tickets purchased in the store. To collect a prize, the winner must report with the Staatslot to a sales point of the Nederlandse Loterij, of which the Staatsloterij is a part.

State lottery winners of a Mini bought their lottery ticket in nine places

Tatiana Pijnenburg, spokesman Staatsloterij: “We know where the nine winning lottery tickets not yet collected have been sold. That is why we will be taking the cars that have not yet been collected this year with two Staatsloterij trucks to the nine sales points where the winning New Year’s Eve tickets have been sold. We want to make the ultimate attempt to find the unknown prize winners and give them a nice surprise at the end of this year. ”The locations where the winning tickets were sold are Amsterdam, Gouda, Zuidwolde, Hellevoetsluis, Spijkenisse, Breda , Veldhoven, Groningen and Franeker.

On Tuesday December 1 and Wednesday December 2, a follow-up will be held at local level to find the winners

The local retailers take the lead, crisscrossing the streets in the Mini, equipped with a rooftop megaphone, in an ultimate attempt to find the winner. While driving, they will make a final call to the winners to report with the winning lottery number by 31 December at the latest, Pijnenburg explains. “Now that people are at home as much as possible, we bring the car to them a bit by also driving through the neighborhoods in the relevant congregations. The megaphone ensures that everyone can also hear inside that we are looking for a winner. Hopefully this will also increase the chances of finding the prize winners. “

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