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The special croquette is of course made with spice nuts, but it also has a hint of caramel. It is therefore a sweet croquette, which, according to Jeroen Tijl (23), is delicious with tea or coffee. He advises in professional medium de Snack courier to serve with caramel or chocolate sauce. “At least not mustard.”

Nice extra
‘The croquette has a small size, 80 grams, and costs 1 euro. “It’s a nice extra. I started it last week and have sold about 25 of them so far,” said Tijl. The reactions are variable. “Some already assume that they don’t like it and therefore don’t want to try it. People who do try it are positively surprised.” Some take a few to let others in their environment have a taste, says the entrepreneur. “

National attention
NOS Jeugdjournaal has meanwhile devoted an item to the spicenut croquette. Tijl likes to experiment with homemade snacks. For example, our own pepper croquette, mushroom croquette and our own beef croquette are on the menu. The combination of meat with sweet and gingerbread flavors is reminiscent of Limburg zoervleis. Sometimes gingerbread spices are also used in hare pepper. Febo already came up with a peppernut croquette in 2014. Eetpaleis’ t Vosje from Rosmalen followed a year later and recommended chocolate sauce instead of mustard. The newest spice nut croquette is available until December 5, 2020. “Worth the detour to Middelharnis,” adds the Goedheiligman himself.
(PvWK, sources: Snack courier, Smulweb, 24Kitchen)

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