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RankingTop 10 of the sustainably managed corporations worldwide

Is sustainability in danger of degenerating into a hollow buzzword? A number of companies strive for climate protection and against the waste of resources on the flags. A CO2 balance can be calculated relatively easily by investing in reforestation projects, plastic packaging can be replaced by more environmentally friendly alternatives without fundamental changes. However, how employees are dealt with is sometimes a completely different matter.

The most sustainable companies in the world

The “Wall Street Journal” wanted to find out which companies are run most sustainably worldwide. According to the information, more than 5500 listed companies were examined on the basis of up to 165 factors from these areas:

  1. environment
  2. Employees (employees and workplace)
  3. Social capital (external social issues and aspects of the products, for example affordable prices)
  4. Business model & innovation

According to the WSJ, the analysts rated the respective guidelines, initiatives and actual performance of the companies. The data were said to have come from the companies themselves or from over 8,000 media sources. The results were published in October 2020.

According to the ranking, these are the most sustainably managed companies in the world.

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