Philips rises to 2nd place in BrandZ Top-30

With BrandZ, WPP and Kantar have been determining which brands are the most valuable worldwide for 14 years. This is the third year that a ranking of only Dutch brands is published.

Philips rises from fourth to second in the rankings, growing 8.2% in brand value ($ 11.9 billion). The company is thus catching up with Shell, which can call itself the Netherlands’ most valuable brand for the third time in a row ($ 14.9 billion).

Together, the three most valuable brands – Shell, Philips and Heineken (out of 3 with $ 11.6 billion) account for almost half of the total value of the Dutch BrandZ Top-30

As in the other BrandZ markets, the total brand value of the Dutch top 30 has shrunk as a result of the corona crisis, by 12% to $ 81 billion.

Pandemic causes major growth in home consumption – brands such as Douwe Egberts and Senseo increase enormously in brand value

In the Netherlands, banks, travel organizations, oil and gas companies, insurance companies and beer brewers are hit hardest by the pandemic. We see growth in brands that are benefiting from greater home consumption, such as retail, technology and the delivery and delivery of meals.

Kruidvat and Etos are new in the ranking this year at number 27 and 28 respectively. This not only shows how resilient the Dutch retail industry has proved during the corona crisis, it also shows how much importance consumers currently attach to health and wellness . As a result of the pandemic, there is a clear trend towards more home consumption. For example, Douwe Egberts (No. 19) has increased in brand value by no less than 59% in the past year. This makes Douwe Egberts the fastest climber in our Top-30. Competitor Senseo (No. 14) is also doing very well with a brand growth of 35%.

Other top risers this year are (no. 11), Action (no. 13) and (no. 16). What all these risers also have in common is a strong emotional bond with the Dutch consumer.

A lot has changed this year, but our entrepreneurship is and will remain the same

Bram van Schaik, CEO Insights Kantar Netherlands: “Our open economy immediately feels the impact of the global pandemic and the resulting economic crisis. We see this reflected in the decreased value of many of our beautiful Dutch brands. Brands we’ve built with our entrepreneurial culture of innovation and international expansion. A lot has changed this year, but our entrepreneurship is and will remain the same. It is in line with our culture that entrepreneurs and brand builders do not give up, but focus on the opportunities that these times offer. The combination of this culture and the strength of our brands provides the Netherlands with an excellent basis for emerging from this crisis even stronger. The Dutch can look to the future with confidence. “

Triodos Netherlands’ most sustainable brand – DSW wins award for most disruptive brand

During the online BrandZ event, Kantar presented three special awards to brands that have achieved a special performance. Two of these went to brands that are not yet in the Top 30 most valuable Dutch brands, but of which we see the brand value only increasing.

KPN wins award for Most Improved Brand Vitality

KPN received a special award for Most Improved Brand Vitality, because of all the brands surveyed the brand shows the strongest growth on the Vitality Quotient, the so-called vQ score. This VQ score is determined by measuring how brands are doing on five criteria: purpose, innovation, communication, experience and love.

KPN was already one of the five Dutch brands that scored highest on this Vitality Quotient, but in the past two years they have also shown the strongest growth on this index. They mainly succeeded in doing this by communicating better and delivering on their brand promise even better, which ensures a positive brand experience and even more “love” for the brand.

Triodos most sustainable Dutch brand

Triodos Bank has consistently positioned itself as the leader in sustainable banking. They do this by investing “their” money in social, sustainable and cultural initiatives. Initiatives that contribute substantially to a better world. Since sustainability is the most important core value of Triodos, you see that this is even better reflected in how consumers view Triodos. According to Kantar, Triodos is seen as a unique, purpose-driven brand.

The brand still has considerable growth potential. Triodos not only did best on the Sustainability Index of all the Dutch brands surveyed, the brand also improved last year’s own sustainability index the most of everyone. So rightly the winner in sustainability.

DSW wins in the Most Disruptive Brand category

Just like Triodos, we do not (yet) find DSW in the Top 30 most valuable Dutch brands, but according to Kantar the brand is a great example of a brand that successfully challenges the existing status quo. As a small brand in the health insurance industry, DWS does it completely differently from the four large insurers that together control about 90% of the market. DSW disrupts that market and offers consumers a real alternative.

Other highlights from the Dutch BrandZ research

Brand responsibility – sustainability pays off, as does honesty and respect

Brands that focus on values ​​such as honesty and respect, and care for the world and their employees, see their brand value grow – unlike brands that do less well in those areas. What the Dutch consumer also highly values ​​in brands is reliability. The brands that show growth are more often seen by their customers as brands that take good care of their customers, with superior products and services. They are more often rated as the best in their industry.

Brand Trust – Gain trust with Identification, Integrity and Inclusion

Trust is the foundation of the success of many Dutch brands from the Top 30. We measure that trust on the basis of the scores for Identification (do customers feel as human by your brand), Integrity (do you keep your promises) and Inclusion (do customers feel at home with your brand). KPN (No. 6, $ 4.2 billion) scored 124 on Integrity, (No. 16) no less than 140 on Identification and Albert Heijn (No. 15) 129 on Inclusion – always compared to an average of 100.

Brand personality – creativity and a little fun do well in these tough times

Brands that are seen as fun, creative and – in a subtle way – humorous are thriving with consumers in these tough times. For example, Jumbo (No. 20) grew more than 9% in brand equity. The second largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands scored high on the indices “creativity” and “great advertising” with its instantly recognizable, funny commercials.

Brands are allowed to radiate optimism in these times

In fact, more than one in five Dutch consumers would like brands to “be optimistic and think unconventional” in response to the ongoing pandemic; we are completely different from other countries. In the Netherlands, brands have room to adopt a more positive and active tone in both their message and their offer to the consumer.

Keep your customers happy by meeting their new needs

The restrictive corona measures have put pressure on many brand categories, such as carriers, even though they tried to meet new consumer needs. Communication providers such as Ziggo (No. 7) and KPN (No. 6) saw their customer satisfaction figures rise because they were able to respond well to the changing needs of the consumer. They kept their customers regularly informed, delivered on their brand promise and exceeded customer expectations.

Knowing more?

The report and ranking with the BrandZ Top 30 most valuable Dutch brands are now available online, as is the global report.


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