LVB welcomes 8 new colleagues

These are the newcomers Marcella Heilijgers, Pascal Lemaire, Judith de Haan, Jessica Muijs, Christine van Twillert, Anouk Teijema, Simone Guljé and Robbert Rooth. Recently LVB also announced a new style and direction.

Aart Lensink, general manager of LVB, says: ‘I am happy that we are able to bind a mix of talent and experience to our club again. Eight new colleagues who are enthusiastically helping to build the future of Club LVB. A growth in employees in times of crisis may sound special, but it is actually not. As LVB we have been growing steadily for years. And fortunately, this growth will not stop in 2020 either. A nice reward for our way of working and thinking. We always want to be the best and we want to grow brands. We will continue to do so this year as well. Together with these new toppers. ‘

As introduction:

Marcella Heilijgers (1982) has worked for EY VODW for more than 14 years in the role of project assistant. She will work as a project manager within LVB, mainly for projects of client UWV.

Pascal Lemaire (1985) has earned his spurs as an editor, among others at Volkskrant,, the AD and recently for Sabel Communicatie. He recently started in this capacity at club LVB. Lemaire is responsible for, among other things, text creation and final editing for projects for UWV.

Robbert Rooth (1994) completed the journalism course with a specialization in content creating. As a junior editor, he recently joined the Brand Publishing team.

Judith de Haan (1995) has gained a lot of experience in recent years as a freelancer in the illustration and design landscape. As a junior designer she strengthens our team of Lovebrand Designers.

Anouk Teijema (1998) completed her communication studies this year and started her career as a consultant within the PR & Social team.

Simone Guljé (1989) has gained a lot of experience in recent years as a video editor and director at Boomerang and Imagine People, but also through her own company. Recently joined LVB as a producer in team Video.

Jessica Muijs (1986) worked for the HelloFlex group for over 10 years as a senior financial employee, she also held the same position at De Graaf Bakeries. Nowadays she strengthens LVB as a finance & HR employee. Christine van Twillert (1992) is also a new addition to the finance and HR department. She previously worked as a finance officer and assistant controller for De Graaf Bakeries.


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