How to navigate the crisis with ETF

Not just playing: ETF investors were able to make a lot of money with video games during the crisis.
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Anyone who wants to take their financial investments into their own hands is faced with a myriad of passive index funds. Which ones are particularly suitable in times like these?

S.o There has not been much movement on the financial markets like this year. Above all, the historic crash of stock exchanges around the world at the beginning of the corona pandemic is likely to be an issue for many investors. The American stock market alone plummeted by more than 30 percent within a few spring days. Many markets have recovered surprisingly quickly. But the infection numbers, which have been high again in Germany for a few weeks now, show that the pandemic is still far from under control, even if the first vaccines should be available soon, the disease and its effects should also affect the stock markets well into 2021. What does that mean for investors? How can self-decision-makers use passive index funds, so-called ETFs, adjust optimally to the uncertainties?

The range of ETF is growing almost daily. Not long ago, the investment companies limited themselves to mapping common indices such as the Dax, the S&P 500 or the MSCI World with their products by simply converting all the values ​​contained therein into such ETF packaged, so today they have launched countless funds that represent various derivatives and variants for each of these indices or enable investments in industries, topics or exclusively sustainable companies.


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