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FintechOnly 300,000 customers – how Revolut wants to catch up in Germany

You founded two of the most valuable European fintechs: Revolut CEO Nikolay Storonsky and N26 CEO Valentin StalfTechCrunch / FFWD

When the British fintech hope Revolut expanded to Germany in September 2017, it said it already had 50,000 German customers. By the end of the year it should be 100,000, a year later 300,000, founder Nikolay Storonsky announced to the founding scene at the time. “Revolut starts in Germany to end the party of traditional German banks,” said a press release on the launch.

The ambitious announcement was followed two months later by a historic appearance by Storonsky in Berlin. On stage, he publicly persecuted N26 founder Valentin Stalf – after the panel at the latest, it was clear to everyone that the two would no longer be friends.

Little followed the vortex, however. Revolut fell silent in Germany. Marketing has hardly done it in Germany since then, the brand is hardly present outside of the industry media. Now, for the first time, fintech is giving concrete figures on the German market.

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