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Discounter increases minimum wage to almost 4,000 euros

At Aldi Switzerland, employees receive a minimum wage of over 4,000 euros. Photo: imago images / Pius Koller

Aldi Switzerland has made a significant increase in its minimum wage and now pays its employees the equivalent of a minimum of 4065 euros. This puts the discounter ahead of its competitors in terms of salaries.

Zurich – At the Aldi discounter in Switzerland, wages will be at least 4440 francs (around 4065 euros). The company, which belongs to Aldi Süd, announced this on Thursday. The leap is not huge: it is 1.2 percent compared to the previous year. In some places there is also a higher minimum wage, up to 4648 francs for a 42-hour week. 13 salaries are paid per year.

The minimum wage is significantly higher than at Aldi in Germany, but the cost of living in Switzerland is also considerably higher. Among other things, employees without a subsidy from their employer have to pay for their health insurance contributions.

With these salaries, Aldi is ahead of the competition in Switzerland, such as Migros and Coop, where the starting salary is around CHF 4,000. Aldi competitor Lidl has also been on the Swiss market since 2009. He pays unskilled employees according to his own statements, 4,100 francs. Lidl has more than 140 branches. Aldi has been in Switzerland since 2005 and has more than 200 branches.


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