Deutsche Euroshop: Clear plus in the share price target

After three quarters, sales at Deutsche Euroshop fell by almost 2 percent to 164.4 million euros. The pre-tax profit drops from 121.6 million euros to 93.4 million euros. The bottom line is a loss of 105.5 million euros (previous year: +93.3 million euros). This results in a loss per share of EUR 1.71 (previous year: EUR +1.51).

The numbers for 2020 will be below those of 2019 due to the corona. This applies to both sales and profits, as well as FFO. Deutsche Euroshop does not provide an exact forecast due to the continuing uncertainties.

The analysts of Nord LB stick to the hold recommendation for the shares of Deutsche Euroshop. The price target was previously EUR 13.00. In today’s study it rises to 17.50 euros.

The experts see the FFO per share in the current year at 1.91 euros (2019: 2.42 euros). In the coming year it should rise to 2.02 euros.

The shares of Deutsche Euroshop are quoted in the afternoon almost unchanged at 17.96 euros.


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