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Daimler brings the relocation of the E-Campus ‘into play

Production at Daimler in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim is currently still heavily dependent on the combustion engine. Photo: Daimler

The group management expects the workforce in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim to make more concessions for the planned establishment of an electrical competence center. Works council chief Michael Häberle speaks of a threatening backdrop from the executive board.

Stuttgart – The management of Daimler is now on the offensive in the dispute with the works council. The car manufacturer explains to the employees at the Stuttgart-Untertürkheim plant its plans to transform the plant into a central location for electromobility, but also links possible investments with concessions that are expected from the workforce. In the past few days, the works council had sharply criticized the plans to cut costs and parts of the carmaker’s strategy. At the beginning of the week, the general works council, together with the IG Metall union, called for a solidarity campaign under the motto “Make transformation fair”. According to the employee representatives, there will be protests in all sub-companies and areas at Daimler throughout the week.


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