Cytotools: tension before the general meeting

In India, Cytotools has its first revenue with DermaPro. A phase III study has started in Europe. The pandemic creates opportunities. It has been proven that the active ingredient DPOCL works against the Sars-Cov-2 pathogen. A human study is now to be carried out, and approval could be possible in the coming year. In the medium term, however, it could be even more interesting to use the drug against influenza. The tests run here.

In their model, the analysts at SMC Research increase the probability of market approval in the coming year from 20 percent to 30 percent.

The experts stick to the “speculative buy” rating for the shares of Cytotools. The price target increases from EUR 38.80 to EUR 43.00.

So far there has only been market approval for DermaPro in India. It remains with the speculative buy recommendation.

There are also uncertainties due to the dispute with the shareholder Deutsche Balaton. The upcoming Annual General Meeting on December 3rd can provide more clarity here. The major shareholder, who indirectly holds around 25 percent, wants to replace the supervisory board and withdraw confidence in the Freyberg and Kaiser boards. At the shareholders’ meeting, a decision will also be taken on authorized capital in order to finance further studies more easily.

The shares of Cytotools lose 2.4 percent to 18.20 euros.


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