Content label within an advertising agency: ‘The question is not whether but how you use content’

Image from left to right: Lenneke Speelman (180 Content), Jelmer Wind (Studio Catwise), Hans van Lindenberg (ContentCross), Monique Bergers (N = Content), Taco Rijssemus (IDTV +), Roderick Prince (Socioboko).

Monique Bergers founded together with Anne Stokvis in March 2019 N = Content on, the content label of N = 5. The Amsterdam advertising agency has developed many content cases over the years, of which Evert_45 is one of the better known for KPN. Bergers: ‘We saw that if we wanted to structurally complete these types of cases for our customers, we had to acquire specific knowledge. Content requires a different way of thinking and working. Because of my experience with Appie Today (Bergers was a marketer at Albert Heijn for ten years, ed.) I had a good idea of ​​what was needed to successfully implement a content strategy. The most important thing here is that you start from your brand story. That is why the choice to do this within N = 5 was quickly made. We have set up an editorial team and further expanded the digital expertise within the agency. We also have one in-house production team set up to guarantee efficiency and quality in the process. You often work with others for content productions timings and budgets. By adding N = Content to N = 5, we can simply do better for our clients servicing. Because a successful brand responds to changing behavior and adapts to a new era. We give substance to this, without running after the latest hypes. ‘ The rise of content labels is a logical one, Bergers thinks. ‘The communication game has changed, so that content has acquired a serious position in the communication mix. I personally believe that you should no longer need a separate label. It should no longer be a question of whether you should use content, as a marketer you should mainly ask yourself how to make content work optimally for your brand and objectives. In short, much more integrated thinking. That is also what we now see happening within N = 5 and in which our customers are increasingly joining. ‘ Bergers calls on its colleagues to stand up for more qualitative content. ‘So much content is being produced at the moment, but unfortunately this is still often comparable content that passes by the consumer. Content is the new, as it were spam. Only good content breaks through the clutter away. So let’s show together that the profession has matured in the meantime and strive for beautiful work that is touching. ‘

Advertising agency 180 Kingsday in Amsterdam founded the new label last summer 180 Content on. Why was this necessary? Lenneke Speelman, content & digital director, explains: ‘The label responds directly to the demand from our customers to add a storytelling layer to existing campaigns that appeal to their target group. As a brand you have to make sure that you do this in a way that is valuable and adds something for the consumer – and that is possible with content. It gives you the opportunity to show that you do more than just send and sell products, but also want to pick up on and add something to the culture of your target audience. ‘ According to Speelman, it is primarily media agencies that see opportunities to create content themselves. ‘Where before an idea, inventory and production was purchased from content parties, media agencies saw the opportunity to start a label themselves and acquire these elements. From an instinctive point of view, however, it makes more sense to tackle this as a content label within an advertising agency, because as a marketer you are much closer to the briefing and the idea. ‘

TBWA Neboko launched the social media label in May 2019 Socioboko. The label must ensure that the Amsterdam advertising agency is always the right discussion partner for the marketer from the specific social point of view. Roderick Prince, who is at the helm of Socioboko as social media manager, says: ‘The label is giving more focus to the social skills of TBWA in the Netherlands, both internally and externally. Socioboko is a nice addition to the disruptive theme work we are creating with TBWA Neboko, but it is also part of a movement that ensures that we are a full partner for our customers in several more specialist areas. Consider also the establishment of our production house Vidiboko a few years ago and more recently TBWA X for issues in the field of customer experience. ‘ Prince also sees the current trend of emerging content labels within agencies. ‘Certainly. The creative profession has become a bit more fragmented and then it is good if you can also help customers in the right way based on issues that belong to a single specialism. ‘

Publisher Bladenmakers in Nijkerk also launched a new sub-label last summer, called ContentCross, with which the publisher wants to provide a platform for the growing range of activities. BladenMakers previously launched the labels FilmMakers, CampagneMakers and PodcastMakers. The publisher claims to have made the transition from print onlyagency to all-round content marketing agency. Hans van Lindenberg, Manager of ContentCross, says: ‘We notice that the media mix of print, image, sound and online is becoming increasingly important. That is why we worked on a new range of video and radio productions. Now that we are fully operational, ContentCross is the new label with which we present these activities coherently to the outside world. ‘ BladenMakers has actually always been a content agency, but an agency with a clear specialism, namely magazines, says Van Lindenberg. “Gradually we started to do more and more, which required bundling that in a logical way; that’s why we started ContentCross. Because a content product is usually linked to a marketing objective, as an organization you need an external team that masters both areas, i.e. content and marketing. In large organizations, the marketing and communication departments often operate like islands. This is not the case with us and there is constant cross-pollination. Then a smaller team and short lines of communication are nice. “

Production company IDTV launched at the beginning of this year IDTV +. Taco Rijssemus (CEO) explains: “We were too focused on the product and too little on realizing the objectives of our customers. Since the foundation of IDTV +, we not only work on the basis of hard objectives, but we also have them validated by an external party. ‘ Rijssemus sees a growing need for content, because advertising does not always prove to be effective, he says. ‘The question is, of course, what exactly content is. We define it as media products that the consumer wants to see and contrast it with advertising that the consumer must see. In many cases I think that the content labels are still advertising. ‘

Last June, Amsterdam’s YouTube agency expanded 5PM with a new video production branch called Studio Catwise. Jelmer Wind, co-founder of 5PM, says: “Creating video content according to the laws of the YouTube algorithm is an essential part of achieving organic success on YouTube. Initially we worked together with third parties to be able to supply this part to our customers, but with the establishment of Studio Catwise we now immediately have all the expertise in-house and we can achieve the best result for our customers from A to Z. ‘ Wind does not necessarily see ‘the content label’ as a new trend, but as a common one move who are making desks. ‘What is the trend is the growth of specialisms under one roof. Content is an important part of this, but you can also see it with data and performance. Originated from the idea that customers want to place everything with one party and that agencies can actually offer this. ‘

This article previously appeared in MT20.19.

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