Also counteraction from Coco Bonito We BlackOUT Friday!

This year, it is striking that several retailers are distancing themselves from the apparently mindless bargain event that has blown over from abroad that is called Black Friday. Are they right?

The Amsterdam label Coco Bonito is introducing ‘BlackOUT Friday’ this year. In 2020, the young entrepreneurs say they feel more motivated than ever to express a counter-opinion with Black Friday. On this environmentally unfriendly shopping day, they now give 30% of the turnover to ‘Macheo Kenya’ instead of a 30% discount.

Mass consumption
The American tradition that has spread to Europe is known for a weekend full of flash sales and sky-high discounts resulting in mass consumption. A lot of impulsive purchases are made and items are returned and according to Coco Bonito that is not really an environmentally friendly shopping day.

‘You can make an impact this weekend’
“It is now more important than ever to support the vulnerable groups who are suffering from the effects of Covid-19,” says Coco Bonito. Instead of the usual 30% discount, Coco Bonito is donating 30% of sales to Macheo in Kenya this weekend. Macheo is an organization that offers vulnerable Kenyan children a promising future, especially in the slums and rural areas of Thika, a district in Kenya. She provides the children with the things they need most such as food, rent, medication or learning materials. ‘

In the news
This week the sisters read it on the front page of De Volkskrant: “Schools closed, future gone”. The government of Kenya closed all schools at the beginning of this school year because of Covid-19. The consequences are disastrous. As always, the most vulnerable are hit the hardest. In addition, many parents have lost their jobs due to the economic crisis. This makes it impossible for Kenyan families to make ends meet, ‘says Sophie Weijenberg.

Coco Bonito support Maasai women
Last summer Coco Bonito launched a fair trade line called ‘Sunnycords’ together with Dutch brand Haberdashery, made by Kenyan Maasai women. In this way they support the local women financially and children are provided with food and teaching materials. Unfortunately, this is nowhere near enough. There are 9.5 million underprivileged children in Kenya, so more help has been offered, ‘says Weijenberg.

About Coco Bonito
‘Coco Bonito is an Amsterdam label run by two sisters, Eva & Sophie. They were the first to come up with the idea of ​​the Sunnycords in 2013, a hip cord for the (sun) glasses. Can now also be used for the mouth mask. Besides being practical, the Sunnycords are made from the finest natural materials. A nice and affordable gift to give for Christmas or Sinterklaas. The Blackout Friday promotion applies from Friday 27 November to Monday 31 November 2020. ‘

(source: Coco Bonito)


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