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Bitcoin mining, we talk about it regularly, as much on Cryptocurrencies as at dinners in town (otherwise, it will not be long since the queen of crypto currencies has exploded its highest price, which seems imminent). What could be more normal, so much Bitcoin mining is an integral part of one of the greatest monetary and technological sagas of our time. If, monopolized by increasingly powerful actors to whom the current potential, but especially to come of the creation of Satoshi Nakamoto has not escaped, the activity seems more and more inaccessible to ordinary people, it still remains possible under certain conditions to immerse yourself in the industry and become a genuine Bitcoin miner!

In this perspective, Feel Mining has just let it be known that there are still a handful of Asic Antminer S19, Bitmain’s war machine that we no longer present (well yes, a little over there, if you want to better discover the beast ). A Mining Tribune in flash-sale mode, therefore, insofar as half of these last few miners have already found a buyer in a few hours. Will you be one of the last Bitcoin miners of 2020?

Warning : This sponsored article is offered to you in partnership with the company Feel Mining. Crypto investments are risky by nature, do your own research and invest only within the limits of your financial capacity. This article does not constitute an investment invitation.

Last Bitcoin Mining Places 2020

It’s not too late to dive into Bitcoin mining in 2020, even if you are an individual operating in the worst possible context: an environment where energy is rather expensive, in temperate latitudes. Yet, this is precisely the worst biotope for a bitcoin miner ASIC, a machine that needs a lot of energy and loves nothing as much as negative temperatures to indulge in its favorite activity. : heat up your processors to undermine satoshis relentlessly in a hellish din.

Not too late then, but on the condition of attaching the right services, the right partners. On this essential condition, you will thus be allowed to join the guild of profitable BTC miners, retaining only the profits of the activity, by delegating the noisy and messy part to professionals. It is in part around this value proposition that the company specializing in Masternodes and Bitcoin mining in all its forms has forged some of its mining machine purchasing and hosting services on your behalf, in installations around the world.

We were talking about it a few months ago, and then you would discover how it is possible, thanks to Feel Mining, to go mining Bitcoin in Canada. You will also find in this article the details of the operation, the‘Purchase of a minor on the site, with the subscription of an accommodation contract, as well as all the conditions of the maneuver.


A victim of its own success, the offer was taken by storm, unfortunately implying the waiting list of many apprentice pioneers …

However, good news fell this morning: Feel Mining has recovered a last stock of Antminer S19! This material is available immediately under the following conditions

Latest batch of Antminer S19 for 2020

The news broke a few hours ago, and of the 100 Antminer S19s, only a small half are still available at the time of writing.

You can loudly claim yours by going to the official Feel Mining website.

The conditions are simple: by purchasing your machine today, you are guaranteed to be part of the next installation mission in the mining farm that Feel Mining operates in Canada, a sort of BTC mining Eden where electricity is inexpensive, of renewable origin all at temperatures suitable to cool the fever spurts of your beloved ASICS.

The supply is so limited that I wonder what you are doing on this item again … it’s high time to go claim your Bitcoin miner and make history.


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