va-Q-tec: Share closes gap, bond placed

On Tuesday morning, the va-Q-tec share is under significant pressure. Currently the minus is more than 7 percent and the share price is listed at EUR 41.30, the daily low is even recorded at EUR 40.20. With the price decline, the va-Q-tec share price almost completely closes an upward gap that was torn up last week, which is at 39.80 / 41.10 euros. The highly volatile fluctuations in the va-Q-tec share continue – most recently it was mainly due to the role of the company when transporting COVID-19 vaccines turbulent too.

Meanwhile, the company has completed the placement of a bond. Va-Q-tec puts the proceeds from the issue at 25 million Swiss francs, which is an option to top up the originally planned 20 million. However, the company has to pay an interest rate of 3.75 percent at the upper end of the bookbuilding range. With the fresh money va-q-tec wants to buy containers and boxes, and they also want to refinance liabilities.


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