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US electionBiden’s cabinet: professionals for key posts

Joe Biden on his way to his company car after a press conference.
Joe Biden on his way to his company car after a press conference.imago images / Zuma Wire

Joe Biden stays on course. What he promised in the election campaign, he is now putting on the rails. He wanted to unite America and return to the world stage, he said in his first interview after the election. His team reflected that America was back and ready to lead the world. It embodies his core belief that the United States is strongest when it works with its allies. “Let’s start with that,” said Biden when introducing the first selection.

The fact that Biden is not only interested in mending broken relationships, but also in rethinking politics, is shown by the appointment of the first climate commissioner to sit at the cabinet table. The former Foreign Secretary John Kerry is the first to embody the moral claim to leadership. On the first day of his term in office, Biden wants to lead the US back into the Paris climate agreement.

Many commentators are reminded of Barack Obama’s time. Whether security advisor or chief spy – Biden’s message is that we deploy solid, established and competent public servants of whom we are proud. In doing so, he ties in with the era of his ex-boss, but at the same time contradicts: “This will not be a third Obama term in office.”

Biden has not yet brought fresh faces into his chosen circle, although he assures that the team should represent American society – and the entire Democratic Party. This would also include prominent representatives of the left wing, such as Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren. The previous occupations belong to the political center: For example, the first Latino in the Ministry of Homeland Security or the first woman to head the secret services.

These are the first key posts to be filled by the Biden government. In addition to the Vice President, the cabinet includes 15 ministers and other leaders, such as the chief of staff and the heads of important federal authorities.

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