The Dutch prefer Christmas over Sinterklaas en masse

Not everyone is looking forward to the holidays: 1 in 5 Dutch people would rather see the coming holiday month pass completely.

Only 1 in 10 Dutch people like to celebrate Sinterklaas, while almost 60% of the Dutch look forward to Christmas, according to research by PostNL. What the holidays will look like in the present time remains unclear. The fact is that Christmas this year may only be celebrated in small groups due to the corona measures. One in three Dutch people is reluctant to think about how they can celebrate the holidays with their loved ones at this time.

Run on Christmas cards
Less contact at a time when we want to seek out each other’s proximity is difficult for many people. 40% of the Dutch therefore intend to send more Christmas cards than usual. 64% of the Dutch think that this year friends and family could use a heart in the form of a card. And that turns out to be correct: 82% of the Dutch indicate that they appreciate a Christmas or New Year card extra this year. PostNL expects to deliver on average twice as much mail in the coming holiday month than on other days during the year.

Extra delivery days and letterbox emptying on Sundays
PostNL is well prepared for the major December rush. This applies to parcels, but just as well to mail. While an average of 6.8 million letters a day pass through the hands of the deliverers, this will almost double around the holidays to an average of 11.7 million letters a day. On some days in December, PostNL even gets ten times as much mail from the orange letterboxes.

That is why extra delivery days have been planned and the more than 11,000 letterboxes in December are also emptied on Sundays. Marieke Schoon-van der Loop, marketing manager at PostNL says: “We are ready to give everyone a beautiful holiday season. We are aware that people are more than ever looking forward to that special ticket on the bus. This extra attention for each other is more important than ever this year. “
(PvWK, Photo: Frau Lehrerin / Pixabay)

* PostNL conducted research among more than 1000 Dutch people.


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