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A good idea is the culmination of a successful presentation. In the beginning it is important to create the right mood. Pitch trainer Barbara Bosch recommends the so-called AIR formula in an article on the news page “”:

  • Pleasant: creating a relaxed atmosphere
  • Interesting: arouse curiosity about the pitch
  • Relevant: Tell the audience why they should listen

That’s behind it:

# 1 Emphasize concrete benefits in the pitch

Founders are likely to find a long list of reasons why their business idea is eligible. Bosch advises adapting the relevance to the audience. Potential investors would be interested in completely different aspects than potential customers. At the beginning of the presentation, the specific benefit for the addressees should therefore be emphasized, preferably in the first sentence.

# 2 use the founding story

Even a sympathetic audience quickly loses interest. According to the trainer, it is therefore important to arouse the audience’s curiosity at the beginning of the pitch. An interesting founding story is a good starting point. Bosch recommends starting the pitch with such an anecdote and not having to laboriously head for this dramaturgical climax.

# 3 Include audience in pitch

In the opinion of the trainer, an interesting start can also succeed if the audience is involved in a question at the beginning. She names three possible entrances:

  • “You guess how much …?”
  • “Who of you has ever …?”
  • “Do you sometimes have the feeling that …?”

# 4 Relaxed pitching

The relaxed atmosphere at the pitch starts with the speaker. The expert recommends
Relaxation exercises and not to start talking straight away. A smile and a friendly look around the group (for three seconds, half as long for video chats) give the audience time to get a first impression. This creates a rudimentary relationship and makes the audience more receptive to the business idea.

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