Mutares share ready for consolidation after around 50 percent plus? – Chart analysis

After the recent steep move higher, Mutares stock appears to be taking a break. In the last four days of trading, the share price has recorded daily highs between 15.34 euros and 15.60 euros – a development that, after almost 50 percent price gain for Mutares shares since the end of October, is not necessarily surprising in terms of chart technology, despite the stock’s continued high dividend yield Investment company wants to pay a basic dividend of EUR 1.00 per share plus any performance dividends. The Scale-listed paper ended Monday’s trading at EUR 15.42, up 1.05 percent and slightly below the rally top at EUR 15.60, which was only reached yesterday.

In terms of charts, you have to go back a little further to find any relevant chart-technical obstacles for the Mutares share. You will find what you are looking for in the zone between 15.76 / 15.82 euros and the area around 16.30 euros and in the area around 16.64 / 16.80 euros. There are certainly higher potential hurdles for the Mutares share price, which is confirmed by the price development of the last few days.


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