Gesco: bottomed out – share upgrade

Gesco showed a clear recovery in the third quarter. Compared to the second quarter, sales increased by 16 percent to 125.5 million euros. Compared to the third quarter of 2019 there is a decrease of 12.5 percent. Business with the auto industry plays an important role here. If Gesco made an EBIT of -15.6 million euros in the second quarter, it is +8.0 million euros in the third quarter.

From the perspective of the analysts at SMC Research, Gesco is likely to have bottomed out. The upcoming vaccination options contribute to this. The experts forecast sales of 492.0 million euros for 2020 (previously: 477.0 million euros). The EBIT should be 1.4 million euros (old: -8.4 million euros). Net there should be a loss of 7.4 million euros (old: 13.3 million euros). The experts see clear growth prospects for the future.

So far, they have issued a hold recommendation for Gesco shares, the price target was EUR 22.00. In today’s study by the analysts, there is a Buy recommendation for papers from Gesco. The price target rises to EUR 24.80.

In the coming year, according to the model of the analysts, there should be a turnover of 560.9 million euros. The experts see the profit at 10.8 million euros.

The shares of Gesco gain 7.7 percent in the morning to 14.05 euros.


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