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FinanceFWD Podcast “I am the investor with the most missed opportunities”

Start-up investor Cornelius BoerschDarius Ramazani

The deal fell through because the price was too high for him: Cornelius Boersch could have invested at a valuation of 8 million, but only wanted to get involved in five million, the investor says. At the time, the business angel’s negotiations were about the banking startup N26. Today’s value: $ 3.5 billion.

It’s one of the many missed opportunities, says Boersch. He has been investing in start-ups for 20 years, and according to his own statements, he has invested in more than 200 companies all over the world. The insurance start-ups Wefox and Simplesurance are part of his fintech portfolio. A few billion companies would have torn out its balance sheet.

In his new book ā€œZukunft verpasst?ā€ He wrote together with the controversial ex-Karstadt / Arcandor manager Thomas Middelhoff about the digitization deficit in Germany. We discussed the theses, the funding situation in Germany and his preference for copycat start-ups in the podcast.

In the FinanceFWD podcast, Boersch talks about …

… the high ratings of the start-ups
… the funding problem of German digital companies
… his fintech portfolio
… rapid growth in markets outside of Europe
… his investments in copycats
… networking in times of Corona

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