Correctbook speaks out against black Friday

Correctbook is a web shop that uses erasable notebooks to fight illiteracy in developing countries. Black Friday, which has blown over from America, has been encouraging people in the Netherlands to buy in recent years. Considered ‘the start of the Christmas shopping season’, Black Friday should draw consumers to the stores with attractive offers. Sam van Tol, founder of Correctbook, thinks that is a bad thing. ‘Black Friday gives rise to the idea that constantly buying is something positive and innovative. That’s not it. Everything you buy is made first and that costs raw materials, water and energy. On a large scale, this is a huge blow to the climate. On his day I would say: try not to make unnecessary purchases. ‘ The campaign will be rolled out through online marketing and Correctbook’s own channels.

Van Tol speaks out against the excessive consumption behavior that encourages Black Friday. ‘We actually want to saturate the market. With high quality, replaceable parts and a sustainable production process, products last longer. And the longer products last, the less new products will be bought and therefore produced. ‘

Correctbook is one of the few companies that proposes to “reduce consumption” and thus turn its back on Black Friday, but not the only one. Ikea also announced last week that it would not participate in the high discounts and launched its own initiative called Bring Back Friday, with which the furniture giant asks consumers to return used items for a second life.


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